Defenders of Terrorism

It’s very amusing to hear the goons who defended an insurrection go after someone who defended terrorism suspects as a public defender and accuse her of being soft on crime.

When Donald Trump was impeached for using government resources to extort a foreign president for political dirt on an opponent, and then impeached again for inciting a terrorist attack to overturn a democratic election, senators Tom Cotton, John Cornyn, Marsha Blackburn, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley each voted against conviction.

There is no better example of being soft on crime than rejecting to punish terrorists.

Let’s get one thing straight and out into the open: The people who attacked the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, were not protesting. They were not exercising their freedom of speech. They weren’t protesters who just got a little too passionate. They were not people who “loved their country” or who cared about “election integrity.” They were terrorists.

People who try to overturn a free and fair democratic election are not patriots. People who try to overthrow the government through violence to install an unelected fascist dictator are terrorists. People who break into the Capitol building with nooses while wearing riot gear and chanting to hang the vice president of the United States are terrorists. People who attack law enforcement to overturn the government are terrorists. Ashli Babbitt, the goon stealing Nancy Pelosi’s podium, the idiot who sat at her desk and stole government documents from it, the howling Qanon Shaman, and everyone who defecated in the hallways and smeared it on the walls is a terrorist who attacked the United States of America. This should not be debatable or questioned.

Even Republicans who have condemned the attack are using the same lies to change voter laws that the terrorists used to overturn our government.

And another thing: You can’t accuse people of being soft on crime if you want a child to be forced to carry her rapist uncle’s baby.

John Cornyn described Ketanji Brown Jackson as “zealous” when she was picked as a public defender to defend terrorism suspects. He accused her of doing her job. A lawyer does not become a public defender with the goal of not giving every defense a fair trial. A person doesn’t become a public defender with the intention of giving some suspects just 30 percent of effort in their defense. Republicans need to remember that everyone in America deserves a fair trial. It’s in the Constitution. I known Republicans stop reading at the Second Amendment, but trust me. It’s in there.

And some of these Republicans didn’t just choose not to punish Trump for the insurrection. They didn’t just defend the terrorists. Some of them aided and abetted the terrorist attack, which was committed by white nationalists, by the way.

Josh Hawley was pictured outside the Capitol giving the terrorists an enthusiastic fist bump to show his solidarity. He also voted against certifying the electoral college. Ted Cruz pushed the lie that the election was rigged and still voted against certifying President Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. Marsha Blackburn initially intended to vote against certification but changed her mind after the terrorist attack.

When it comes to defending the Constitution and the United States of America, Republicans are the weakest and the most pathetic.

Music Note: I listened to Van Joy, The Lumineers, and Tonic while drawing this cartoon.

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  1. Tell it like it is, Clay. This is Republicanism at its worst. They are no longer a political Party, they are tyrannical to the nth degree, and should not even be allowed to run for office in a democracy, because they have purposely and willfully forgotten what demicracy is all about, “if they ever even knew.”


  2. They are TERRIFIED that, in some roundabout way, Judge Jackson Brown will, someday, sit in judgement on them . . . or one of their colleagues. That’s why they are fighting her, tooth and nail.


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