Puppet Propaganda

We talked about this a few days ago, but let’s talk about it again.

Donald Trump and others are claiming the reason Vladimir Putin didn’t invade Ukraine during Trump’s presidency (sic) is that Donald Trump was tough on Putin. Putin was afraid of Trump. Putin respected Trump.

This is the most ridiculous babbling brain-dead horseshit head-stuck-up-an-ass nonsense that can be spoken today. It’s as ludicrous as believing Trump won the election, or there were bamboo ballots and Italian satellites in play. Trump was tough on Putin? As Sarah Marshall said to Aldous Snow in the great film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.”

Donald Trump was Putin’s puppet. Hillary Clinton said so during her debate with Trump in 2016. She was right. In fact, Vladimir Putin was afraid of Hillary Clinton. Vladimir Putin meddled in our election to install Donald Trump as president (sic). Hillary Clinton is Vladimir Putin’s worst nightmare. Donald Trump is his ickiest wet dream.

Putin hacked the Clinton campaign and gave the stolen material to Wikileaks. Donald Trump publicly asked Putin to do this, Remember, “Russia, if you’re listening?” Then, Donald Trump read the material out loud at Trump rallies. Later, Donald Trump invited Russians to his campaign headquarters to supply campaign dirt on Clinton.

Donald Trump made a Putin goon, Paul Manafort, his campaign manager. Manafort managed campaigns for Putin’s previous Ukraine presidential puppet. Donald Trump put General Michael Flynn on his campaign and had him speak at rallies. Flynn was another Putin Puppet. Michael Flynn had previously been paid by Putin to speak at a Putin party in Moscow.

After the election, President Obama advised Donald Trump not to put Flynn on his staff. The first thing Trump did was install Flynn as his national security adviser, from where he didn’t last 30 days. He had to be fired for lying to the FBI, and supposedly Mike Pence, about his contacts with Russia. President Obama was right and Trump should have listened to him.

During the time between the election and inauguration, Jared Kushner went to the Russian embassy and suggested they create a backchannel to communicate so the United States national intelligence agencies wouldn’t know what they were up to. Later, he just used WhatsApp while pretending he was secretary of state and making personal financial deals with foreign governments.

Also, don’t forget Carter Page, who was on Trump’s campaign staff as a foreign policy adviser, though they later claimed he was just a “coffee boy” after it came out that he was once an adviser to the Kremlin and that Russian spies were, at the very least, trying to recruit him and had referred to him as a “useful idiot.”

Trump invited Russia’s ambassador and their foreign minister, along with Russian media into the Oval Office. Trump barred the American press from viewing the meeting and everything they initially learned came from Russian tweets. During the meeting, Trump gave the Russians classified information they were seeking. Later during Trump’s presidency (sic), he would occasionally tweet out classified information.

U.S. allies were very hesitant over what to share with the United States during Trump’s presidency (sic) out of fear he’d hand it over to Vladimir Putin.

During the infamous Helsinki conference with Putin, Trump took Putin’s side over U.S. intelligence agencies arguing that Putin didn’t hack the 2016 presidential election. Before the press conference, Trump and Putin met in private with both bringing along interpreters. Later, Trump took the U.S. interpreter’s notes and either flushed or ate them.

During another international summit, Trump would meet again with Putin but this time, leave his interpreter and other U.S. officials behind. Nobody knows what Trump and Putin discussed.

Let’s not forget that Donald Trump has never admitted that Russia interfered in the 2016 election. Let’s not forget that Donald Trump has repeated Putin’s propaganda like Afghanistan attacked Russia first in 1979. Let’s not forget that Donald Trump has NEVER said a bad word about Putin. Let’s not forget when people say bad things about Putin, like how he kills his critics and opponents, it’s Donald Trump who defends him.

Another detail that should not be forgotten is that during the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump was trying to secure a deal to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. To help sell this proposal, he offered a free penthouse in this tower to Vladimir Putin. While running for the presidency, Donald Trump attempted to bribe the president of a foreign nation. This is actually illegal, yet Trump is not in prison for it. But Donald Trump literally tried to bribe Vladimir Putin.

Throughout this crisis between Russia and Ukraine, Trump has done nothing except sing Putin’s praises. He’s called him a “genius” and “savvy” for invading Ukraine. Other Republicans are repeating Putin’s propaganda like there are Nazis to be eradicated in Ukraine, which is why Russia has invaded.

There’s other propaganda like NATO violated a 1979 agreement between them and Russia that barred NATO from expanding or placing more troops near Russia. This is false. The next time you hear someone say this, ask them to find the article where this is outlined. I’d love to see it.

Also, if NATO violated an agreement, then why attack Ukraine? Ukraine is not a member of NATO and they’re not about to become one. If NATO violated an agreement with Russia, it’s not Ukraine’s fault.

Putin never invaded his neighbors during the Trump presidency because it would have undermined Trump’s efforts to pull the United States out of NATO. Putin invading a neighbor while having a puppet trying to destroy NATO would not have been “savvy.”

And on top of that, Putin invading Ukraine is NOT President Biden’s fault. Blaming Biden for Putin’s invasion, instead of blaming Putin, is some real thick Russian propaganda.

Donald Trump was never tough on Putin. Vladimir Putin is about as much afraid of Trump as Jim Henson was afraid of Kermit the frog, Shari Lewis was afraid of Lambchop, or Jeff Dunham is afraid of Jose Jalapeno.

Vladimir Putin was never afraid of Donald Trump because Trump is Putin’s puppet. And if you’re repeating any of Putin’s propaganda, you’re not just a puppet, but a useful idiot.

Music Note: While drawing today’s cartoon, I listened to some Genesis.

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  1. Thank you for a great summary.

    There has been so much dreck (in case you’re not Jewish or from New York lol, that is Yiddish for bullsh–t) from the Trump years that I couldn’t even remember all this in order.

    The sippy cup slogan is genius. 👍

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  2. “While drawing today’s cartoon, I listened to some Genesis.”

    Which Genesis? Genesis Mark I (Peter Gabriel era), Mark II (Post-Gabriel progressive era) or Mark III (Pop era)?

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  3. Clay, well said. Putin could maneuver Trump any way he wanted. In Helsinki, Trump sided with Putin over his own intelligence officials. The Mueller Report noted there was significant inappropriate contact with the Trump campaign and Russian officials. But, it is clear that Trump’s base will believe absolutely anything he says, no matter how seditious and untruthful it is. Keith

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