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Fun fact: Today’s inflation is not Joe Biden’s fault. It’s Donald Trump’s. Now, you might whine and say Trump isn’t president so you can’t blame him. You guys don’t want to give Trump credit for inflation, supply-chain issues, and high gas prices that were created while he was in office, but you were more than happy to give him credit for the economy his predecessor left him.

The great economy under Trump didn’t magically appear. It came from somewhere, but where? It came from the Obama/Biden administration, but that didn’t stop Trump from taking credit for it, just like he does praising himself for inheriting his father’s money. After Trump inherited a great economy from someone who actually did the work to repair it after another Republican fucked it up, it was Trump’s job to protect it and keep it growing. He failed.

Another fun fact: While President Biden did not create the inflation, supply-chain, or high gas prices, he’s president now. It’s his job to fix the problems he…wait for it…inherited.

This is how things typically work in this country. A Democrat, like Bill Clinton, inherits shit from a Republican, like George H.W. Bush. The Democrat repairs the problem and leaves a booming economy like Clinton left to George W. Bush. Then, the new Republican in the White House proceeds to fuck it up, like funding two wars with tax cuts for billionaire assholes. Then, a Democrat replaces him, like President Obama, repairs the economy, leaves it in great shape for another Republican, Donald Trump, to come in and fuck it up, like creating $2 trillion in debt by giving huge tax cuts to billionaire assholes (including himself).

The other way it works is that people have short memories. Look at Virginia. The last Republican governor had a problem with collecting free gifts. The last Republican president (sic) has policies based on hate that left the nation in a fragile state. The last Republican president tried to overturn the government. Then, within 10 months of that insurrection attempt, Virginia voters forget if all and elect a Republican whose proposals are all Trump policies and said that he “represents so many of the reasons he’s running.” Virginia, you fucked up.

If you want to continue blaming Biden for the issues Trump let him, then tell me, what did Biden do to create these problems?

Did Biden raise taxes on you? Nope. Did he raise gas prices? Nope. Did he shut down active pipelines? Nope. Did he do anything to stop products from being imported? Nope. Did vaccine and face mask mandates hurt the economy? Nope. They actually opened up more businesses.

Each of the current issues you’re screaming about today is from the pandemic which occurred under the Trump regime. Donald Trump politicized the pandemic and he even told Bob Woodward he downplayed the dangers of it.

President Biden just received these flaming bags of crap from Donald Trump and he hasn’t even had time to repair these problems. You are being impatient. Biden is a good president. It’s not like he tried to overturn an election or politicize a pandemic that increased the death toll by hundreds of thousands.

I just find it bizarre as hell that the people blaming President Biden for these issues are wanting to “reinstate” the guy who created them.

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  1. A good analysis, Clay, but when you analyse the word analysis, the first thing you see is the word “anal,” and that is the thing about Republicans, they are all anal. Their minds are incapable of understanding or accepting progress. They need things to stay the same, because “sameness” is all they understand. Change cannot be good, and Democratic presidents always bring change, so therefore they are “bad!”
    Republicans love getting screwed. They have been getting screwed all their lives, so they think they enjoy it. What they need to realuze, but never will, is that it is Republican presidents, of which Donald Trump was the best (to them) example, who are screwing them daily. Now they are addicted to it. What good is a president (Joe Biden) who is not screwing them? There’s no fun in not getting screwed.

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  2. The world is in a repeat cycle and especially the United States. Ron White the comedian had a successful bit about how “You Can’t Fix Stupid”. But way before Ron White there was Bonhoeffer from the 1930s. One brave soul that defied Hitler and his followers.

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  3. Clay, the former president does not really have policies other than one – what’s in it for me? Tax cut for the rich and corporations – what’s in it for me? Put conservative thinking judges in place – what’s in it for me? Extort other countries for personal gain – what’s in it for me? Make up history to fit your story – what’s in it for me? Get out of the Paris Climate Change Accord – what’s in it for me? The only oath he cares for is that five word question before the question narks above. Keith

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