Hit Steve Bannon One More Time


Maybe America is correcting itself. Britney is free and Bannon is probably going to prison.

Britney Spears is finally free from the conservatorship managed by her father that controlled her life and career. During this time, the conservatorship paid out millions to the people keeping it alive, including her father, mother, entertainment firms, assistants, and lawyers. Preventing Britney from choosing how to spend her own money became an industry that made a lot of people richer. I hope she gets a lot of that back.

Britney was not allowed to make any of her own life and financial decisions. She wasn’t allowed to carry a credit card. She was forced to use an IUD to prevent her from having another baby. Hey, pregnant pop stars usually can’t tour and make their conservatorship money.

Her father got around $5 million to make sure Britney didn’t waste her money on stupid stuff, like giving her father $5 million. Daddy Dearest gave himself a $16,000 monthly salary from his daughter’s money because conservatoring a daughter’s life and career is hard. His monthly salary was more than the allowance he gave his daughter. He was also paid $2,000 for office space. This guy’s in Louisiana, right? Couldn’t he have just run his office from the back of a truck like Mr. Haney in Green Acres?

For some reason, Papa Spears has also been receiving royalties from her albums and tours. And then, he hired lawyers and managers to manage her money and career. Basically, he took the money and hired other people to do the work.

He also hired a firm, with Britney’s money, to spy on Britney. They even recorded what she was doing in her bedroom.

Hell, Britney even had to pay all the legal fees to fight her from ending the conservatorship. She paid one lawyer over $332,000 who later said he never knew he could petition to end the conservatorship. Even Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell would probably be better lawyers than this guy.

I don’t know why, but the conservatorship has also been paying for Britney’s mom to live in a mansion in Louisiana for the past 13 years. It pays all her utilities and has even hired a maid service.

Someone should probably hire a maid service to clean up Steve Bannon’s bullshit.

Steve Bannon was indicted Friday by a Washington, D.C. grand jury and will reportedly turn himself in to authorities on Monday. Bannon refused to comply with subpoenas from the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the Capitol. The committee wants him to testify and is seeking documents related to the attack.

Bannon used Trump’s claim of executive privilege despite the fact he wasn’t working for the administration at the time of the insurrection, isn’t Trump’s lawyer (or even a lawyer), and the fact Donald Trump is not president (sic) anymore. What they’re trying to do is run out the clock.

The plan is to keep stalling and dragging their feet until January 2023. They’re hoping Republicans retake the House in the 2022 midterms and kill this committee after they’re sworn in. They will do that on day one if things go their way.

If Trump, Bannon, and all the rest of the white nationalist goons were innocent, they could want to testify to the committee. But the thing is, they’re all guilty. They’re all corrupt. Each of them attempted to overturn an election through a mob coup and install Trump as a fascist dictator. Watching Bannon go to jail may change the minds of all the others, like Mark Meadows, Stephen Miller, Jason Miller, Michael Flynn, Kayleigh McEnany, Katrina Pierson, and all the other goons who’ve promised to defy the law in name of Trumpism. Previously, they could count on a Trump pardon. Not so much now. After going to prison, the only jobs most of these goons will be able to land are gigs at Fox News, One America, and maybe hosting podcasts for white nationalists.

The real irony here is they’re all screaming about a fraudulent election that wasn’t fraudulent, and hoping to use the next election to kill all future elections. If Trump is elected again in 2024, goodbye, American democracy.

Bannon, who was already pardoned by Trump for grifting, will probably get a jail sentence between a month and a year. I’m predicting a month because none of these people ever truly get what they deserve.

Britney should be free. Steve Bannon, Donald Trump, and all the co-conspirators who helped them try to destroy our nation should all receive life in prison.

The DOJ needs to hit them, baby, one more time.

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  1. The lesser men and women might end up in jail. But I doubt Trump ever will. He was still president (sick) on Jan. 6th, so how could he rebel against himself? Shouting “Hang Mike Pence!” would be the same as shooting someone on Fifth Ave — no one could care less.

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  2. Clay, even though you and I would hate to receive a subpoena, like most of American citizens, we know we would be breaking the law if we did not show up. It matters not if we think the judge is crooked or biased or hateful, we would show up. That is what the law says. Mr. Bannon is learning a lesson that he should have known. Mr. Meadows is about to learn that lesson.

    Here is a lesson for those cheering them on. It speaks volumes that they are not showing up. Why we should be asking? Keith


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