How To Tell A Recession Is Coming


Bad news. Donald Trump is still president. Even worse news. A recession is coming and Donald Trump is still the president. If you think the Bush family didn’t know how to deal with an economic crisis, wait until Trump tries to wrap his Adderall-riddled, tiny mind around it.

Voters have short memories, especially Republicans. It’s why you never hear them complain about government spending when a Republican is in the Oval Office. They look at the economy today and give all the credit to Trump, ignoring the excellent economic numbers Obama handed over to the dotard.

Obama added over two million jobs a year for each of his last six. So has Trump during his first two, but fewer on average than Obama. That’s called a trend. Yet, during Obama’s tenure, Republicans called it the “worst economic recovery ever,” while not mentioning it was recovering from a Republican presidency. As soon as Trump was elected, they started calling it an “economic miracle.” Trump has actually claimed the economy started growing the day after he was elected based on enthusiasm over his victory. Trump likes to take credit for a lot of Obama’s accomplishments.

Trump’s only real accomplishment is that he hasn’t destroyed the economy Obama left for him…yet. But it’s not for a lack of trying. Trade wars, tariffs, increased spending, tax cuts for billionaires that aren’t paid for will eventually take its toll on the economy. It will eventually hit Wall Street, then Main Street. Farmers are already feeling it. Today, China increased tariffs on the U.S. and the stock market is going down.

There are two problems with Trump being president during an economic crisis: He lies and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. There are reports that his increased delirium is over his fear of the economy going south, thus making him a one-term president. They accuse Democrats and the media of wanting the economy to tank.

Nope. I want Trump out of office but I don’t want to starve to see it. I’d rather Obama’s economy keeps growing while we get Trump out of office for the multiple other valid reasons to remove him. When we get rid of Trump, we won’t feel like we’re winning while cleaning up his mess.

Donald Trump’s only real skill with economics is inheriting, and he’s not even good with what he does with it after he gets it. Trump claims he built his empire on a small $1 million loan from his father. The truth is, he received the equivalent today of at least $413 million from his father’s real estate empire. It’s easy to be rich when someone gives it to you. But Trump even screwed that up.

According to The New York Times, “at Trump’s Castle casino, where an $18.4 million bond payment was due in December 1990. Fred Trump dispatched a trusted bookkeeper to Atlantic City with checks to buy $3.5 million in casino chips without placing a bet. With this ruse — an illegal loan under New Jersey gaming laws, resulting in a $65,000 civil penalty — Donald Trump narrowly avoided defaulting on his bonds.” Today, Donald Trump doesn’t own any Atlantic City casinos. He didn’t sell them. They folded under this great businessman’s leadership. He bankrupted a business where people give you money.

In another move according to the Times, “Fred Trump spent $15.5 million to buy a 7.5 percent stake in Trump Palace, his son’s condo tower rising on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Four years later, tax returns and financial statements show, Fred Trump sold that stake for just $10,000.” The buyer was Donald Trump. Why did Fred buy a condo for $15.5 million and sell it for just $10,000? So Donald wouldn’t have to pay millions in taxes on a forgiven loan. The Times also wrote that it “appears to constitute both an unreported multimillion-dollar gift and an illegal tax write-off.”

Trump is really good at inheriting, cheating and lying about it, and crapping it all away. He’s doing the same thing with the inheritance he received from Obama. This is what happens when you elect a grifter to the nation’s highest office.

Donald Trump isn’t just too sleazy and dishonest to be president, he’s also too stupid. Our only hope is that the damage he inflicts is minimal before he can be removed. There are talks about his sanity, but honestly, an insane person would know tariffs are taxes. An insane person would have a hard time bankrupting a casino. Donald Trump is stupid.

When Donald Trump says he doesn’t see a recession, it means he’s too stupid to see it and he’s also lying. Everything Trump touches turns to crap and everything he says is a lie. When he says there’s no recession, it means we’re screwed.

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Thanks, Obama


Have you talked to a Trump sycophant? Have you ever talked to one who hasn’t said, “But Obama?” No, you haven’t. According to the cultists, Obama was a failed president who left a disaster for Donald Trump to clean up. Yet, despite all of Obama’s failures, the biggest accomplishments they hand to Trump actually belong to Obama. I mean, Obama couldn’t have been that bad if you gotta steal his credit for Trump.

One of my conservative colleagues spent eight years calling Obama the most “divisive president in American history” and accusing his administration of not being transparent. This same guy has never mentioned Trump’s constant Twitter attacks on the most mundane and petty stuff, or his inciting violence from his followers. He’s never mentioned Trump’s lack of transparency when it comes to his taxes, refusing to testify to Robert Mueller, and now preventing members of his administration from testifying. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this guy spent the majority of the Obama era saying his economy was the “worst economic recovery ever,” while calling today’s economy an “economic miracle.” The real miracle is that these people’s faces don’t warp like Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ from constantly fighting to keep them straight.

Trump sycophants only seem to remember “if you like your doctor,” Fast and Furious, and the IRS scandal from the Obama administration. They don’t recall that we were in one of the worst recessions in American history when Obama entered the White House in 2009. The nation lost 3.6 million jobs during Bush’s last year in office and over five million in Obama’s first. During his second year, Obama added over a million jobs and for his remaining six, he added over two million each year.

Two million jobs added per year for six years straight is a trend. Trump has also added two million each of his two years, though slightly less than Obama. That’s eight years of constant growth. But, the cultists want to give all the credit to the guy who inherited a trend. They’re ignoring the six and praising the two. Republicans are literally giving credit to an old rich white guy for the job done by a black man.

Trump promised 25 million new jobs over ten years if he was elected. That’s actually an easy number to reach if the trend started under Obama continues. The economy was already adding jobs when Trump made that promise, so basically, he promised to inherit and take credit for Obama’s success.

We are still in a booming economy because of Obama. The economy is so strong that even Donald Trump, who doesn’t understand anything, hasn’t messed it up yet.

Donald Trump doesn’t understand tariffs are taxes. He believes that money from increased tariffs paid for by Americans and funding his racist border wall is somehow Mexico paying for the wall.

He started a trade war with China that hurt America’s farmers. He gave the farmers nearly $8 billion in a bailout to help them during his trade war with China, which is money borrowed from…wait for it…China. Trump is borrowing money from China to pay farmers to not sell their crops to China.

He promised more coal mines would open. Instead, more are closing.

Gas prices are rising.

He gave permanent tax cuts to the rich and itty, bitty temporary tax cuts to the middle class that has increased the deficit to over $900 billion.

Have you noticed Republicans, who are always warning us about Democratic spending, are always the ones who do the most spending? Have you noticed that Republicans screw the economy while Democrats repair it?  Public debt went down under Clinton, Carter, Johnson, Kennedy, and Truman, while it went up under our last four Republican presidents, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Reagan, and Ford. Our current Republican president is on track to continue that tradition. Debt is something Republicans only warn us about when a Democrat is in the White House.

Debt did decrease under Eisenhower and Nixon. Trump is no Ike, firstly because the majority of the country doesn’t like Trump. He’s only like Nixon when it comes to lies and corruption. Nixon, however, understood stuff like economics and government spending. Trump believes Canadian cheese is a threat to national security.

I want to see Trump defeated in 2020 but I also want the economy to continue the trend Obama started. Trump should not be given credit for inheriting a booming economy. But, if Trump continues his policies, the only credit he’ll receive during the next election will be for a faltering, maybe crashing economy. There is only so much in the area of stupid actions this economy can take. This is a man who fired the Chairman of the Federal Reserve because he thought she was too short.

Obama was criticized for saying, “You didn’t build that.” In the case of Trump and the economy, the GDP, and jobs, he’s right. Trump didn’t build that. This is still Obama’s economy. He cleaned up after a Republican and in the future, another Democrat will be cleaning up after Trump, and Republicans will be saying, “Worst economic recovery ever.”

Obama left us in great shape to deal with an impending disaster like Trump. And for that, thanks, Obama.

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