A Scuzzy Judge


On August 23, 2020, cops in Kenosha, Wisconsin shot Jacob Blake four times in the back after tasering him. Blake is now paralyzed from the waist down. He is black and was unarmed when the cops shot him. Anti-racism protests broke out in Kenosha and white goons called for other white goons to come to the city, join the “Kenosha Guard,” and patrol the streets with guns while pretending to protect businesses from black people. Seizing the opportunity to go to march around and play militia, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha from his home in Illinois to join the cause against racial equality.

Rittenhouse illegally crossed lines with a semi-automatic weapon. He was not in Kenosha to defend his home as Kenosha is not his home.

Fun fact for Republicans: Wisconsin and Illinois are two different states.

The mayor of Kenosha and the county sheriff both expressed displeasure with overcompensating racist goons skulking up and down their streets with automatic rifles in what was already a tense environment. But Kenosha cops were seen thanking the racist goon squad and handing out water to them, including to Rittenhouse. There is no evidence that Rittenhouse was ever asked by any members of the guard or Kenosha Police Department, “Hey, how old are you?” Nobody questioned if this white baby-face kid stomping around with an automatic rifle was maybe possibly too young for this. I mean, this isn’t Red Dawn where the only thing between democracy and a Russian/Cuban/Venezuelan invasion is a high school football team with a losing record from Colorado. At least C. Thomas Howell had a worthier cause than protecting a True Value from black protesters.

The phony reason this white nationalist small-peepee goon squad had to be roaming the streets is that the Black Lives Matter protesters are looters, rioters, and arsonists. And ya’ know, if they’re not, these goons will send instigators into the protests to stir things up and make sure something gets burned down, and later blame Black Lives Matter. It’s worked before.

Hey, here’s a fun fact to stick under your MyPillow and sleep on: According to the US Crisis Monitor, a joint effort by Princeton University and the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project, after studying more than 7,750 demonstrations in 2,400 locations across the country, they found that 93 percent of Black Lives Matter events were…wait for it…peaceful. I was in one of them and the only people making threats there were the cops.

So, our little white nationalist wannabe nazi fuck, Baby Rittenhouse, goes to Kenosha and shoots three protesters, killing two and injuring one. After he shot them, he approached police cars, Kenosha’s finest, put his arms in the air, and the cops drove right by, even while protesters were shouting at the cops that Baby Goebbels (sorry, Mr. Miller. You can have your nickname back later), had just shot three people.

How much do you want to bet that if these same cops saw a black guy in the street with an automatic rifle, that they would do the same thing and drive by? No, we’re not accepting Confederate dollars.

They didn’t just not arrest Kyle. Kyle was free to go back to his home and sleep in the comfort of his own bed which is probably overlooked by a poster of Leonardo DiCaprio…from the film “Django Unchained.”

Kyle was eventually arrested and held in jail back in Kenosha. Of course, his defense is he was simply defending himself. But, was he? Why did he stray from the group of other racist goons with guns to confront protesters alone? If he had stayed home and played with himself while surfing 4chan, none of this would have happened.

Here’s a useful tip, kids: Sometimes when you go looking for trouble, you find it.

Fortunately for Rittenhouse, he’s white. That means he might get off, no…not from doing himself while surfing 4chan, but from these criminal charges. You see, kids, sometimes in America, if you’re white, you’re allowed to shoot black people. Now, in this case, they weren’t black, but they were fighting for equality and supporting Black Lives Matter.

Leaked memos from Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security revealed that federal agents were advised to publicly support Rittenhouse and claim he “took his rifle to the scene of the ‘rioting’ to help defend small business owners.” No mention on how they were to defend the fact he wasn’t old enough to own the gun or take it across state lines.

This Hitler youth also gets a break that he’s only facing state charges, not federal. On the other hand, hundreds upon hundreds of Black Lives Matter protest arrest cases, which should have been prosecuted on a state level, were transmuted into federal courts. Somebody, please explain that.

He’s catching another break from the judge. Judge Bruce Gots-A-Boner-for-Nazis Schroeder, will NOT allow the prosecution to mention any of Rittenhouse’s past associations with the Proud Boys. You remember those guys, don’t you? They’re the white nationalist terrorist group Donald Trump gave a shout-out to during his debate with President Biden. He told them to stand by, which they did until it was time to commit a racist coup attempt on January 6, 2021, on the United States Capitol in order to overturn an election, destroy democracy, and install Donald Trump as a fascist dictator.

Something else the judge will not allow the prosecution to do is refer to the people Rittenhouse shot as “victims.” But, he will allow them to be addressed as “rioters,” “looters,” and “arsonists.” This entire trial is being framed to portray Rittenhouse as the victim and just a sweet little goose-stepping cherub who had love in his heart and unselfishly drove a hundred miles with a machine gun to protect yogurt shops from bad black people.

Kyle Rittenhouse is a terrorist and he should be in a federal court, not a state one. Meanwhile, his gun-dry-humping supporters are calling for charges against a Capitol Police officer who shot and killed an actual terrorist, Ashli Babbitt, who was in the middle of committing a terrorist act. They also want death sentences for Alec Baldwin for portraying Trump on SNL, I mean, accidentally shooting someone, and Dr. Anthony Fauci for contradicting Trump’s bullshit and supposedly torturing beagles.

Here’s some free advice for Jason Voorhees: I’m not pro-murderous rampages, but if you must continue to slaughter horny teenagers, make sure they’re all black, or BLM supporters, and you do it in Kenosha. There, you’ll find a favorable judge.

Note: I love learning stuff that’s not very important. Netflix has a series called “The Movies That Made Us.” I just watched the one on making the first Friday the 13th. Spoiler! Jason doesn’t appear until the very end and in that, it might have just been a dream. His mom is the murderer and she accomplishes what John Lithgow failed to do in “Footloose.” She kills Kevin Bacon. Jason shows up for reals in the first sequel and doesn’t don the iconic hockey mask until film number three. If you need to know more stuff you don’t need to know, I’m your dude.

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  1. This entire event strikes so deeply at my heart. I lived in Kenosha from 1955-2015; the street the riot was on, I traveled every day to work and back, for 30 years. The park in which the protest was held, I overlooked from my work building for 30 years. Judge Schroeder was, before he was appointed judge, Hubby’s divorce attorney. I NEVER would have suspected him of this kind of ruling, ever.

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  2. Reading this post, I cannot help but be reminded of this oft repeated quote : “Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” – Mark Twain in 1897. Thank-you!

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  3. My apologies to Andrea, but Kenosha seems to be full of white racists. (I’m glad she is no longer there!) How any judge can make rulings like that is beyond the pail he barfs in. America needs a serious boner adjustment, as in everyone’s bones are white beneath the colour of people’s skins, so get with the program. WHITE IS NOT BRIGHT! In fact, it is pretty stupid at times.

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    1. As if moving to Red Florida was an improvement. I never experienced Kenosha as ‘full of white racists’, I spent 30 years in what would be considered a ‘ghetto school’. Maybe I just lived in a bubble, I don’t know.

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  4. In Kenosha’s defense, cops are racist in a lot of cities. Cities tend to be blue politically while the cops in blue tend to be red…and racist. Also, A lot, if not most, of these Kenosha Guardians were not from Kenosha. Rittenhouse is an example of that. Racists will drive thousands of miles to shoot black people.

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    1. In Rittenhouse’s case, he didn’t need to go that far, and had his mommy drive him. She should also be up on charges, along with the cops who let him walk away unquestioned..

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      1. From what I saw – and I watched it as it was happening – when the cops/tanks were coming up 60th Street and KR was walking toward them with his hands up, they DIDN’T YET KNOW that he’d shot someone. I have a feeling there was chaos at the Public Safety Building (f/k/a ‘police station’), so I doubt that the word had gone out, and I’ve also no idea who was connected, radio-wise, to whom.

        I keep getting asked, ‘Do you want to move back to Kenosha?’ Uh, no . . . the weather alone keeps us in FL . . . the first two or three snowfalls are great, but after that, they’re just potential slush.

        I remember that drumpf promised the FORMER owner of the trashed Rode’s Camera Shop, lots of money. 1) Why? He didn’t own the shop anymore; 2) I wonder how much damage was self-inflicted, cynic that I am; and 3) I doubt he, or anyone else, got a penny.

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  5. If KR’s defense is self-defense, then it would make sense to not allow the word ‘victims’ to be used; he, of course, considers himself the victim, even tho HE had a rifle and the three he shot were unarmed.

    I’ve not seen anything about the beginning of today’s trial, but I can’t believe there wouldn’t be a request for a change in venue . . . Kenosha is basically a ‘village’ of 90,000+ residents and you can’t tell me they could find anyone who hasn’t read, seen, heard about or discussed this event.

    Stay tuned . . .

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