Trump goon Steve Bannon is in contempt of Congress and Attorney General Merrick Garland is probably going to take action that sends Bannon to the jail for goons.

Bannon is avoiding testifying before Congress, claiming Donald Trump has enacted executive privilege to keep him from testifying about the January 6 insurrection to prevent the certification of President Biden’s victory over Trump, overturn an election, destroy democracy, and install the Great Racist Pumpkin as a fascist dictator.

Bannon also claims he didn’t have anything to do with planning the Trump white nationalist mob attack. Yeah, and Linus didn’t have anything to do with Sally missing Halloween candy to sit in a pumpkin patch all night waiting on some nonexistent bullshit and to ultimately only see a beagle. She was robbed and has a legal case.

Steve Bannon was NOT working for the president (sic) of the United States at the time of the attack. He may have worked for the campaign and plotted with them, but that’s NOT an official function. He is not Trump’s lawyer or a lawyer at all. He was not a member of the administration. So, Donald Trump can’t cite executive privilege over Steve Bannon’s testimony. Also, Donald Trump is not the president. He can’t cite executive privilege any more than I can.

For example: It’s five days before Halloween. I bought three bags of Halloween candy for trick-r-treaters. Is any of it left? I cite executive privilege and refuse to answer that question.

Also, why cite executive privilege? Trump and Bannon both say they didn’t plan the insurrection yet they don’t want to answer questions about planning the insurrection. I mean, if they’re trying to enact executive privilege, that means they gots shit they don’t want to answer for.

There was a “command center” for overturning the election on January 6. It was in a bunch of suites at the Willard hotel in Washington, a block from the White House (my hotel on election night was three blocks from the White House and I plotted out cartoons while eating a large Italian sub). The people involved at the Willard planning the coup attempt were Rudy Giuliani, former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik, John Eastman (who’s a Trump goon scholar of some sort), One America News reporter Christina Bobband who was working as a campaign volunteer (wait. You can’t be a journalist and a campaign volunteer), White House special assistant Boris Epshteyn (there’s always a Boris in Trump word), and…wait for it…Steve Bannon. If there’s a trail of shit, Steve Bannon will be found at the end of it. It’s right next to that trail of Rudy’s hair dye.

While these goons were conducting efforts with members of Congress and state legislators to overturn the election, they mostly needed an angry mob to get the job done. If Mike Pence wasn’t going to stop the certification, an angry mob would at least delay it, though the idea was to stop it. It’s rare an angry mob shows up by itself. You’re thinking of flash mobs.

To get an angry mob to show up, first you have to make them angry. You start by lying and telling them they were robbed like Sally was when she was sold a Great Pumpkin and only got a beagle in goggles. In addition to Donald Trump tweeting for them to be there (it’s gonna be “wild”), the Willard fuckers had Steve Bannon riling them up on his podcast.

Steve Bannon may possibly go to prison. But, I don’t want Steve Bannon to go to prison…as a sacrifice so others don’t. Sure, send Bannon to jail, but don’t send him alone. And these people don’t need to go to prison just because they refused a congressional subpoena. No. They need to go to prison for so much more.

These people attempted a coup. They were willing to have people die to install a dictator. They tried to destroy our democracy and Constitution. A lot of people don’t just deserve to go to prison, but must go. It is imperative we send people to prison who tried to overturn the government through a bloody coup. These include goons such as Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani. Everyone in the Willard plotting the coup. Representatives working with the racist insurrectionists such as Marjorie Taylor Green, Louie Gohmert, Lauren Boebert, and pedo-in-training Matt Gaetz. Finally, we should send the person to prison whose crimes outweigh everyone else’s. We need to convict and incarcerate the former president (sic) of the United States.

The Great Pumpkin will not be reinstated. There is no constitutional method for that. But there are laws to throw the racist Great Pumpkin in prison.

Lock them up.

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  1. It’s a nice concept, but if they get too close to locking the Orange Pumpkin Turd up he will go running off to his not-so-secret lover Vlady for protection. Then we will get to see if Putin is a true or false lover. I’m betting he will tell Donnie’s Junior to go find a new hole to place up in.

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    1. The “Like” star doesn’t work, so I’ll say it here. What you said, except that he’d probably be more welcome in Bolsonaro’s Brazil, or maybe Hungary. Or hey, maybe Melania’s folks could put him up. Me, I’d rather see him in an orange jumpsuit.


    2. The “Like” star doesn’t work, so I’ll say it here. What you said, except that I think he’d be more welcomed in Bolsonaro’s Brazil, or maybe Hungary. Or maybe Melania’s folks could put him up. Peraonally, I’d rather see him in an orange jumpsuit somewhere.


  2. SOLD….. I love this toon.

    Will put the check in the mail sometime this week.

    I saw your pix at Matt’s place ….. how lucky for you to be close to so much talent. My situation is a desert of conservative….except for….. Luckovich (wonderful man that he is) and I run in different circles Oh, and then there’s Mike Lester…………………. Having a cocktail with him is one thing…. But if he would open his mouth… There would be a problem.

    Confirming PO Box. 3721

    Weenie indeed.


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  3. Clay, what it boils down to is simple. It matters not whether Steve Bannon is a saint or sinner, or whether the political party in power is Democrat or Republican. We cannot have people blowing off Congress when they are subpoened. Full stop. For those Congressional representatives who did not vote to hold Bannon in criminal contempt, they are saying it is OK to ignore Congressional inquiries. And, that is simply not right. Or, smart. Keith


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