Covfefe Pumpkins


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Donald Trump may have set the record for most meltdowns in a single week in his administration.

He referred to the impeachment process, which is in the Constitution, as a “lynching.” He called Republicans who criticize him “human scum.” He referred to the emoluments clause, also in the Constitution, as “phony,” while comparing himself to George Washington. He told a crowd he was building a border wall in Colorado (in case you’re a Republican, Colorado is NOT on the border).

Trump’s problem, other than being corrupt and not very smart, is that he doesn’t have a defense of the charges he’s facing before Congress. All he’s done so far is attack the process and none of the allegations. The allegations are strong and from reliable, credible professionals with decades of government service. Trump, who has told over 13,000 lies, has no credibility.

One reason a president is impeached is to save the presidency.

Donald Trump was rotten before he came into office. If he’s not removed, he’ll rot the presidency.

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It’s The Great Racist Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!


There’s something seriously wrong in this nation when the guy throwing about the word “socialism” to scare people define himself as a nationalist.

In the past, Trump said he didn’t want to use the word “nationalist” as he thought the “Trump brand” was a stronger label. Voting for a label instead of a leader is scary by itself, but this is how Trump sees himself, even after becoming president.

But, last night in Houston at one of his hate rallies, with extra hate because Ted Cruz was there, he finally defined himself as a nationalist. And to think, we had tiki torch Nazis marching in the streets before this. Steve Bannon is so happy.

Today, Trump said it’s not a code for “white” nationalist, and that he’s unfamiliar with that term and “nationalist” is a word that hasn’t been used much. Really?

It’s not just a word, but an ideology that’s been used by every dictator, strongman, and authoritarian throughout history, with the first coming to mind being Adolf Hitler. It’s always accompanied by a fear campaign of “us vs. them.” In Trump’s case, brown people.

At this point I have to wonder, when do these people just openly admit they’re Nazis?

Personally, I’d rather be a socialist than a nationalist.

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Angel Of Bannon


Steve Bannon might just be Mitch McConnell’s worst nightmare. Not so much that he can remove him as Majority Leader of the Senate, but that he may run enough racist, right-wing, lunatic, freakazoids who will make the GOP lose the actual majority.

Let’s take a look at Alabama where Democrats never, ever, ever, ever, ever win…and thanks to Steve Bannon, they’re leading in the polls.

Right-wing extremists are the majority of voters in Republican primaries. In 2010, they gave the Senate nomination to Joe Miller in Alaska, only to lose to the incumbent Republican, who he beat in the primary, by a write-in ballot. People who are normally too lazy to even vote, got off their ass and wrote in “Murkowski” on a ballot. Alaskan voters hated the idea of Miller so much that they got off their asses and learned how to spell “Murkowski.” This is a state that thought making Sarah Palin governor was a great idea.

Roy Moore is the lunatic backed by Bannon in Alabama. He ousted the incumbent in a special primary election and now the race is tight. Alabama may not want to send a bleeding-heart liberal to represent them in the United States Senate, but they may be able to live with a moderate Democrat over a judge who was kicked off the bench twice.

Bannon is now aiming his sights on Mississippi, Nevada, Arizona, and Wisconsin. And, despite the racist wolf-whistle ads by the Republican nominee for Virginia’s governor, he wasn’t Bannon’s pick. That guy was even scarier.

If Bannon’s guys win their primaries, then Democrats may take seats in states where they didn’t stand much of a chance. The Republicans may lose their majority. Of, if they have enough victories, they can make life really hard on McConnell, and even worse…encourage more racist Bannon/Trump goons in the future.

Can you imagine the Senate full of racist idiots who don’t know how anything works? What about governors across the nation?

This is why Democrats and Independents need to vote in off-years and mid-term elections. While it might be fun to see the chaos and draw cartoons about it, it’s worse for our nation. Nobody wants to see America resemble 1930 Germany.

Don’t let these idiots win their elections. It’s bad enough now that we have to get rid of the big orange one sitting in the executive branch.

Creative Notes: I was working on a cartoon about the JFK Files and then I was struck with this idea. I’m planning on taking Saturday night off for a movie and ice cream, so I was going to put this Halloween cartoon off until Sunday night and publish it Monday morning. Then I realized that the cartoon I was working on was dated for the 31st, Halloween. That meant the Halloween cartoon would be dated for November 1st. I felt weird dating a Halloween cartoon for November, even though a lot of cartoonists will continue drawing Halloween cartoons the first week of November. I hate those. Hell, I saw a Thanksgiving-themed cartoon earlier this week. It also occurred to me that if editors like this cartoon, then they probably need to receive it today.

That’s all the geeky business side of cartooning. I do like the other cartoon I was working on so I’ll probably finish it. It’s already lettered.

Last creative note: The kid as the mummy was a late addition to this cartoon. I realized I can’t remember the last time I drew a mummy and then I really wanted to draw a mummy.

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The Great Trumpkin


I came up with this idea last week when It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown was shown on TV again, the same night as the last debate. I had about twelve other things on the table at the time so I let it slide. Now I just wanted to do draw it. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone else has already done a variation of it, but I haven’t seen it.

This is the second time in less than a week I’ve drawn a character from Peanuts. Sorry, Charlie. I plan to draw another cartoon later tonight (my regular schedule) so this is a quick one. It only took me an hour and a half to draw.

I love Peanuts. I just need to meet a girl who loves Snoopy, the Cubs, and Nirvana and I’ll be set.

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