Burning For Youngkin


I just told a friend who commented on this that the cartoon started without mentioning Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin. I thought it would have more appeal to all my clients if it could encompass their area. I mean, I don’t have any clients in Virginia which I think is kinda messed up. But then I thought how important it is to call out Glenn Youngkin and make sure this lying vile Trumper is defeated in my state. It’s important to save Virginia.

As anti-vaxxing, anti-mandates, and racist parents demand school boards across the nation stop teaching what they’re not teaching, Critical Race Theory, and threatening teachers and school board members, Republicans are accusing the Biden administration of attacking parents.

It’s funny that when a Republican gets shouted at, or denied service at a restaurant, or someone follows Kyrsten Sinema into a public bathroom to tell her how disappointed with what she’s doing (no, not if she washes her hands after, but obstructing Biden’s agenda without any reason), and it’s an attack. But a conservative parent tells a school board member “I know where you live” and “you better not leave your home alone,” and it’s free speech.

Glenn Youngkin, while presenting himself as a moderate Republican who doesn’t buy into the election lie but loves Trump’s endorsement, has now fully embraced the Republican habit of spreading bullshit.

During an interview with Fox News Radio on October 6, Young claimed his opponent, former governor Terry McAuliffe, had called President Biden to sic the FBI on parents who attend schoolboard meetings. Youngkin lied and said, “Now that parents have stood up and said ‘Terry, we’re rejecting this whole philosophy,’ he goes and gets his friend Joe Biden to dispatch the Department of Justice and the FBI to try to silence parents in Virginia who are standing up for their children.”

This is bullshit. That has never happened. Youngkin is making it up.

Youngkin went on to set his pants on fire with, “If you don’t agree with his big government policy to put government and politicians and bureaucrats between you and your children, if you don’t agree, he’s going to get his friends to sic the F.B.I. on you.”

He also did it the day before on a radio station in Lynchburg when he said, “Now we see Joe Biden and Terry McAuliffe attempting to silence parents completely by intimidating them by force.”

Now he has a commercial claiming Terry McAuliffe is sending the FBI after parents for sticking up for their children.

As Sarah Marshall said in the marvelous film, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” “Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.”

Youngkin isn’t just lying. He’s fear-mongering. Next, he’s going to say Terry McAuliffe will come to your house, kick your dog, teach black history to your children (what’s wrong with that?), eat all your Halloween candy except the candy corn, and clog your toilet. I could have had a career writing for Republicans.

Parents are not bad people. Most of us are parents. But parents screaming about Critical Race Theory are bad people and racist. Parents screaming at school board members against vaccine and face-mask mandates are bad people and bad parents. Parents threatening school board members are all of the above.

And allowing parents to dictate the curriculum, where they ban certain courses, is the same as book burning. Do you want your children educated by the demands of an angry mob? That’s what Glenn Youngkin is promising.

These parents Youngkin and Republicans are defending are less responsible and caring for their children and their education and more like the White Citizens Council from 1960s Mississippi. Youngkin wants to take money from public schools and give it to private schools, which is bringing back segregation. Fun fact: Most private schools were created in the 1960s so white parents could pull their kids out of public schools saving them from sitting next to a black kid.

Here’s a fun exercise: Go on the internet (where you are now) and look up your local private school and see the date it was established. I’m sure it being in the 60s is just a big honking coincidence.

Youngkin doesn’t want to talk about facts, like how he’s going to fire educators and ban abortion, and is more interested in lies, like the FBI is going to arrest you for giving your kid extra dessert. You can’t have any pudding unless you eat your meat!

The real threat here is Glenn Youngkin to Virginia. This lying gaslighting abortion-banning segregationist Trump goon wants to destroy our state by giving it to his fellow millionaires to rape and pillage. How’s that for fear-mongering? Except my fears about Youngkin can come true if he’s elected.

And if Youngkin is elected, it can be a bellwether for the rest of the nation during the 2022 midterms. We need to stop the GOP invasion cold in Virginia before it spreads to the rest of the nation. Draw the line in Virginia by defeating Youngkin.

Let’s give Youngkin an education by teaching him his hate, fearmongering and lies won’t work in Virginia.

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  1. Clay, the former president is advocating for a rather offensive senate candidate here in NC, much to the chagrin of Republicans, as there are better GOP candidates. Yet, what is not ironic, is on one commercial, the former president makes a statement with three assertions in it, none of which are close to being true. That is par for the course for the untruthful acting former president. Sadly, MAGA fans believe his BS. Keith

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Disgustiing, divisive rhetoric!! … “As anti-vaxxing, anti-mandates, and racist parents demand school boards across the nation stop teaching what they’re not teaching, Critical Race Theory, and threatening teachers and school board members, Republicans are accusing the Biden administration of attacking parents.”

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