Gas, Mask, Vax, Cheesecake


We have reached a milestone and a new independence by the new guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control. Earlier in the week, we were told by our president, Joe Biden, that we don’t have to wear face masks outdoors anymore. Now, you don’t have to wear face masks indoors either, but there’s a catch. You have to be vaccinated.

If you have been vaccinated, it doesn’t matter if everyone else in the room are mouth-breathing knuckle-dragging anti-vax hysteria-spreading troglodytes. You can still go without a mask. The odds of you catching Covid19 from the morons are very slim…unless you’re a New York Yankee.

But, because of those morons, we’re probably going to have to keep our masks on. Why? Because they’re fuckers and fuckers are always being fuckers. Everyone is supposed to be honest about whether or not they’re vaccinated. We’re using the honor system with fuckers who have no honor.

We’re going to have problems from the anti-vaxxers. These people don’t have principles. While they took a stand against vaccinations, wearing face masks, and social distancing, they’ll abandon those principles to claim they are vaccinated so they can go maskless inside an art gallery….OK, not an art gallery…inside a Cracker Barrel just because. That’ll stick it to the libs.

Or, they’ll go to Cracker Barrel, Cheesecake Factory, or Walmart and start demanding they don’t have to wear a mask since the vaccinated shoppers are allowed entry without wearing masks. They’ll cry, “You think you’re better than me?” Yes. I do think the vaccinated are better than you.

There are two ways to fix this.

First, require vaccine IDs. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That’ll be divisive and just piss off the mouth breathers even more, but fuck them. Still, there are backward red states, like Florida, that have outlawed requiring vaccine IDs. Why, why, why? It’s so stupid. It’s like they’re trying to keep the pandemic alive. Also, if IDs are required, you know fuckers will be selling them on the black market. Actually, they already are.

I’m all for vaccine IDs. They won’t infringe upon anyone’s constitutional rights like, say…voter IDs. Florida hasn’t banned those.

And since we’re not going to force everyone in the nation to get vaccinated, the only other solution is for businesses to require EVERYONE to continue wearing face masks. That way, the shops can say they’re not being selective, politicizing, punishing, or playing favorites.

Because of these mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, sister-marrying anti-vaxxers, we can’t have nice things. Even though the president says those of us who are vaxxed can take off our masks, we still can’t go inside our banks and grocery stores without face masks or lick the faces of strangers at bus stations. And you know the people who are prevent us from returning to normal are the same assholes hoarding gas by pumping it into Hefty garbage bags.

Yay, we have reached a milestone and the pandemic is waning…no thanks to MAGAts. We got here despite them. I am fully vaccinated and I will now be going outside without wearing a face mask. I’m going to continue carrying it with me just in case I’m in an outdoor setting where going maskless may make someone feel uncomfortable. I’m going to continue wearing a face mask indoors. I’m going to continue social distancing. And most of all, I’m not going back to shaking hands.

If nothing else, all the safeguards in place to prevent catching Covid19 prevented most of us from catching the flu and common cold last year. Let’s keep that up.

In two weeks, I’ll be on a train. The last time I was on a train, it gave me Covid19. Face masks be required but even if they weren’t, I would be wearing my mask on this upcoming trip.

Again, because of MAGAts, we can’t have nice things and I don’t think any of them deserves any cheesecake.

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  1. “First, require vaccine IDs. Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

    DON’T WE ALREADY HAVE THOSE??? I made a copy of mine and laminated it to have with me; also a pic on my phone AND my computer.

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  2. Clay, Have a great BIRTHday trip…you deserve it!

    Don’t forget…Sabrett Hot dogs AND Pizza-drippy greasy AND H & H Bagels..2nd ave and the other one is on Columbus ave ….the BEST!!! And a mile high Pastrami or corned beef..on Rye……at the stage deli…if they still exist!!

    Also, we registered on the CDC website…you have to do it, within 6 weeks of your shot…I just wanted to be registered ‘somewhere’ and there it was! And I like the idea of laminating my 2 shot records from down here in Mexico…

    Feliz Cumpleanos mi Amigo!!! Karen

    Karen Raffa & Greg Krenik La Luz Azul del Caribe’ 2.8 km North of the Xcalak Bridge Xcalak, Quintana Roo, Mexico 77970

    817-400-4965 home, magic jack 817-602-2411 cell, USA

    18° 18′ 04.44″ N 87° 49′ 50.50″ W


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    1. I’ve had Sabrett’s and the drippy pizza. I’ll probably do that again. Well, I’m definitely getting the pizza. I’ll check out the bagel place if I’m near one. Last time, I think I chose poorly. I don’t think you have to register your vaccination with the CDC. Who told you that? Maybe it’s a thing for expats.
      I’m not laminating my card. That sounds like a very bad idea. There may be updates.

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  3. I’m still waiting for my second shot, though I am a senior with immunodeficiency and multiple co-morbidities. Our government in Alberta doesn’t care about individuals, all it cares about is appearances. Some people will have to die! Sorry if it’s you, but that’s life.
    I will not stop wearing my mask, social distancing, or anything else. This will be my new normal. If I am lucky I will last a few more years…
    I am hoping a lot of people will feel as I do. Why take chances when you don’t have to.

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  4. A vaccine that is 95 percent effective still has a 1-in-20 chance of failing to immunize you

    And I’m sure not counting on “Oh, but you won’t get as sick.” Yeah, easy for you to say. Like, “Oh, just a LITTLE brain damage.”

    In my local Chinatown (downcounty), residents have worn masks for decades.


  5. Nice touch having both MAgas Hoarders with lit cigarettes in their mouths.
    And the goldfish.
    Could have had more “exotic” containers…
    like empty Bud Lite and Natty Boh bottles,
    the urn that held Granny’s ashes,
    those plastic urinal bottles that hospitals make you use,
    the Stanley Cup,
    empty Box O’ Joe containers,
    a Porta Potty,
    and so on.


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