McTortoise Obstruction


Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, said, “One hundred percent of my focus is on stopping the Biden administration.” He said “one hundred percent.” He didn’t say stuff he disagreed with, or stuff he considered wrong for the nation, or that he expected there to be legislation he didn’t want….he said “one hundred percent.” That means everything. Why? Because he’s a dick.

When you look at what’s wrong with Washington, start with Mitch McConnell. Oh, sure. You have a Josh Hawley out there fisting terrorists. You got Ted Cruz eating Trump’s shit sandwich while bailing on his constituents and pretending to be outraged at everything. You have Rand Paul being a dick about everything from tax hikes on corporations to how his neighbor bags his cut grass, but Rand Paul is just Rand Paul. Mitch McConnell is the leader of his Senate caucus. For most of the Obama administration and all of Donald Trump’s, he was the Senate leader.

Over in the House, you can say the problem with Washington is that a Republican Party is now a cult and they’re about to expel one of their leaders…for telling the truth. They’re going to expel a leader for saying an election wasn’t stolen. They’re going to expel a leader for siding AGAINST terrorists. They have literally have two members of Qanon in the House and one guy who possibly had sex with a teenager which they’re not criticizing. And you can look at the Republicans in both chambers and how they allowed and defended Donald Trump breaking the law and his oath of office. But to see where the problem starts, look at Mitch.

After President Obama was elected, Mitch said his only job was to make sure Obama only served one term. It didn’t matter if Obama brought something good to the table or not. Mitch is so partisan, his mission wasn’t to do his job as a Senator, but as a Republican operative and destroy the Obama presidency. He failed.

Now, Mitch out to do the same thing to President Biden. This is a guy who blamed Donald Trump for the insurrection and then voted against impeaching him. Sure, Trump brought terrorists to attack the very building you work in…but let’s let that slide…and focus on destroying President Biden.

Fuck helping to end the pandemic, or aiding the economic recovery, or stopping mass shootings. All Mitch wants to do is block everything the Biden administration tries to accomplish. Does this mean rebuilding America’s infrastructure? It sure does. McConnell will block stuff during the Biden era that he would have helped craft for the Trump administration. Donald Trump talked a lot of shit about rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure…but he spent more time playing golf, making racist comments, attacking his critics, breaking his oath of office, and grifting. President Biden is already working to repair the Trump mess and if McConnell succeeds at obstructing, it’ll remain a mess. Can you imagine how much could be accomplished if McConnell actually sat down with the president (the real one) and said, “Let’s see what we agree on so we can help people”?

Keep in mind it was President Obama with Vice-President Biden who had to clean up President Bush’s mess. They did it without McConnell’s help. Then, Donald Trump took credit for all of Obama’s accomplishments and coasted on the economy he didn’t create…and McConnell enabled that. Now that Trump has left us a shattered economy and a pandemic to recover from, McConnell doesn’t want to help the Biden-Harris administration.

Repairing our nation’s falling infrastructure, shattered economy, and recovering from a pandemic the previous administration ignored shouldn’t be a Democratic or Republican job. It should be an American effort. President Biden said yesterday there are “no Republican or Democratic” bridges. There are just bridges. But there are Republican assholes.

In many racist red states, it will soon be legal to run over and murder with your car people protesting against police violence. But if Mitch McTortoise is in the road, it will not be legal to squash his decrepit ass.

And maybe that is what’s wrong with our country.

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  1. Something I read in La Presse a daily newspaper…


    Q. A few years ago, however, many observers said that Trump would mould himself to the office of the presidency, that he would become “presidential”…

    R. In fact, the opposite has happened. It is his party that has become like Trump, that has moulded itself to him. Republican elected officials are now almost falling over themselves to be subservient to him, to deny democracy. It’s scary.

    The most glaring example of the transformation of the Republican Party is, I come back to this, the silence of Mike Pence. Think about it for a moment: he was vice-president, he was chased by rioters who wanted to hang him after Trump threatened him in a speech. And despite all this, Mike Pence is not prepared to denounce Trump. It’s surreal.

    We’re seeing images of Trump these days giving speeches at parties at Mar-a-Lago, and it’s all a bit sad. But as long as the party doesn’t disown him, I think we should continue to take him seriously.

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  2. First part…

    Q. Donald Trump has been much less present in the media in recent months. But you say that, under the surface, his influence is felt more than ever…

    R. Exactly. I predicted last autumn that Trump’s cult of personality would continue even after his defeat, and that’s what we’re seeing now. It wasn’t inevitable: the failed insurgency of January 6 gave the Republican Party the perfect excuse to reject Trump. The party could have said that Trump was toxic, that he incited the failed insurrection, that Mike Pence was chased by rioters who wanted to hang him… It was easy for them to disavow Trump at that point.

    But that’s not what he chose. On the contrary, the assault on 6 January electrified the Republican Party, which embraced lawlessness more than ever. For some time, under Trump’s influence, the party had been developing an authoritarian culture, one in which dissenters were seen as enemies.

    Since then, the party has doubled down, including passing voter suppression laws across the country or laws that allow you to run over protesters with your car, and punishing Republicans like Liz Cheney or Mitt Romney who are pro-law enforcement. Republicans are sending them a message that they have no future in the party. The cult of Trump continues.

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