Jewish Space Lasers


The first thing we need to address is that this shit is dangerous. I mock people like Marjorie Taylor Greene and Donald Trump because I use humor to show they shouldn’t be taken seriously. Yet, they are taken seriously. Donald Trump became president (sic) of the United States of America. Marjorie Taylor Greene is sitting on the House Education Committee despite believing school shootings are “false flag” operations.

What needs to be addressed here isn’t that Greene is not just a nut who believes in conspiracy theories, but that her beliefs are dangerous. Her belief that Donald Trump won the election, and that Joe Biden stole it from him, gives support to terrorists.

Her belief that California wildfires were started by Jewish Space Lasers (I’m not making that up) is rooted in anti-Semitism. She’s a hater and a bigot. She feels the same way toward Muslims. For her, creating lies about other faiths and races is OK because it’s someone to blame…and she has backup. She is a white nationalist. She may as well be a Nazi.

This morning on CNN, Michael Smerconish was asking how good people could vote for someone like Marjorie Taylor Greene. But do they? It’s not like her racism and bigotry was concealed and what we’re going through now is a lot of “A-ha!” or “Got ya, suckers!”. Her voters knew who and what she was when they voted for her.

In 2016, over 60 million people voted for Trump. You can make an argument that they all were not racists though each and every single one of them should have known better. In 2020, he got 74 millions votes after spending four years talking about “shithole countries,” saying, “Send them back,” and defending and retweeting Nazis. How many good people vote for a guy who supports Nazis? You can’t even argue you voted for his economic polices because…well, look at the fucking economy.

How many good people support Marjorie Taylor Greene? It’s not just her stupidity or her bullying of children. She’s a racist. Who supports that? The Republican Party supports that. The Republican Party spent four years supporting the most vile and disgusting son of a bitch alive, and each day presented new opportunities to go even lower. Apparently, they’re not done.

While the GOP is talking about cancel culture, Representative Matt Gaetz is going to Wyoming to convince the constituents of his Republican colleague, Liz Cheney, not to vote for her again because she voted to impeach Donald Trump. Matt Gaetz isn’t going to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s district to tell her voters not to vote for her again. No, the party leadership has given her a prime committee assignment.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is not a good person. In addition to being stupid, she’s a racist who supports terrorists. The Republican Party should remove her, not just from all committee assignments, but from their party. The entire House should remove her from Congress for her endorsement of terrorism and the murder of other House members, Jewish space lasers, bullying children, and murder. She’s all that and a racist bag of chips.

Good people don’t vote for Marjorie Taylor Greene. Good people don’t vote Republican.

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  1. This is some scary shit. To see how far this country has fallen in four years. Joe Biden has done more positive things in his first 10 days than trump did in his entire four years. I don’t understand the hold he has on people. He certainly isn’t charismatic. If anything he is repulsive, repugnant and disgusting. He can’t speak. Hell he can’t even put two words together in a sentence. Don’t know that we will ever get out of this hole. Not as long as we have 75 million that can’t see past the end of their nose and the idiots in congress that continue to support him.

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  2. You would think there is a joke in there somewhere. As two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Nicholas Kristof wrote as he contrasted Senator Rob Portman’s retirement to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s arrival, the Republican party has lost a statesman and replaced him with a “kook.” The fact she said the former president supports her does not help her case, as he is a well known conspiracy parrot and inventor of fake news on his own.

    There many favorite Trump lies and fake news inventions, but I think my favorite is when he surprised the Pakistani PM who was standing right beside him saying the India PM has asked Trump to broker a peace deal between Pakistan and India over the region of Kashmir. Within the hour, India put out a press release saying NO SUCH REQUEST WAS MADE. The White House went silent.



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