Roughs, Volume 79

Hey, kids. It’s time to check out some roughs.


China has actually come up with a vaccine that has to be inserted anally. Seriously. Also, don’t read Epoch Times.


This is the cartoon for CNN this week. I wanted to freeze it at this point in its creation because I dug the way it looked.


This is the version I sent to my editor for approval.


This is OK. Honestly, other than the big ass cartoon, I don’t think I’m in love with anything else here.


I was going to label each vial with a different strain…but then I got bored.




The Florida strain. Ha!


I think when people add up President Biden’s executive orders, the ones reversing Trump’s executive orders shouldn’t count. You can’t blame President Biden for undoing Trump fuckery.

That’s it. Which one did you like? It’s the big butt, isn’t it?


  1. Yes, it’s the big butt. The splitting loaves is good, it captures the exhaustion of constantly trying to make do and carry on through the pandemic.
    I do think the Florida (man) strain is going strong in America though.


  2. Epoch Times is really getting aggressive. Some months ago, I told Youtube not to give me ads by them anymore. Then a few weeks ago, they sent a copy to us by mail. I ripped it up and tossed it. NO EPOCH TIMES!


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