After MAGA


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I kinda expect other cartoonists to follow suit and do something similar to this. I wrote the previous sentence two days ago and now, I’ve seen about 15 cartoons like this.

This cartoon focuses on the Oval Office, but the mess Trump leaves behind, the damage he leaves behind, extends beyond the Oval Office. He damaged the presidency. He damaged the country. He promised on his first day in 2017 that “this American carnage stops here and it stops right now.” I think he confused “stop” with “start.”

Joe Biden’s first order of business will be reversing a lot of Trump fuckery, like getting us back into the Paris Climate Agreement. He’s going to mandate that face masks be worn at all federal facilities, which Trump refused to do. Biden is going to get rid of the Muslim ban. He’s going to extend a nationwide restriction on evictions and foreclosures. There are also plans to provide another stimulus worth $1.9 trillion with each taxpayer receiving a check for $1,400. I’m not going to sneeze at that.

There’s also taking over the vaccine rollout that Trump has messed up, and his call for 100 days of everyone in this nation, even the fucknuts who politicized it, wearing a face mask. At the very least, we’ll have a president who cares about the problem instead of one who pretends there isn’t one.

Biden’s biggest task will be uniting the country, and I have to admit, I’m one of those resisting that. Why do I want to unite with MAGAts? I don’t have common ground with liars, conspiracy theorists, gaslighters, and Nazis. Fuck those people. I have no use for any of them.

How does a president unite a country when the majority of Republicans believe he “stole” the election? Why would you want to “unite” with a party when nearly a majority of them support the terrorists who violently attacked the Capitol?

We don’t need to find common ground with people who are in a cult. We need to deprogram the people in a cult. How can you tell you’re in a cult? If you believe Donald Trump won the election, Joe Biden stole it, there was mass voter fraud, or “election irregularities,” you’re in a fucking cult. Instead of sitting down with a cultist for a beer or a cup of coffee, I’d rather stick their head in a toilet for 17 hours until they re-learned how to think for themselves. We can’t even talk to these people when they don’t use facts.

The job Joe Biden has to do would be a hard job for anybody. He and President Obama left Trump a booming economy, a strong military, and international respect. Donald Trump destroyed all of that…and then tried to destroy the rest of the nation. Now, Donald Trump has left Joe Biden American carnage.

I’m really glad Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are here, but to be honest, I’m mostly glad Donald Trump is gone.

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  1. I like looking thru your drawing to find little ‘Easter eggs’, and remember to what they refer. The soccer ball Putin gave drumpf; the love letter from Kim Jong Un; the paper towels he threw at Puerto Rico citizens after the hurricane; etc. Does the paddle ball refer to this scene in Blazing Saddles, by any chance . . .

    , , , and Mel Brooks played a politician EXACTLY like drumpf . . . how did he know?


  2. Love the cartoon. All I could think of was the people who truly staff and care for the White House. They would never let it get in this condition and would be appalled if it ever got that bad.


  3. Trump doublespeaks. He always has. To discover the truth in what he says, turn the meaning 180 degrees. Stop means start, and save means kill.
    And this is how we know he knows he lost the election–he says he won it!


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