Impeach Baby


During the 2016 presidential campaign, President Barack Obama said Donald Trump was “uniquely unqualified” to be president. Donald Trump wasn’t just unqualified to be president. His level of being unqualified was unique. He proved it time and time again.

Donald Trump proved he wasn’t qualified when he asked Russia to help him win in 2016. He proved it during a debate with Hillary Clinton when he said he’d use the Justice Department to go after his enemies. He proved it when he didn’t seem to understand how tariffs work. He proved it when he instituted a policy of ripping families apart and throwing babies in jail. He proved it when he talked about “shithole countries” and said “send them back” about brown female congresswomen. He proved it when he defended tiki-torch Nazis. He proved it by endorsing violence by his thugs and goons. He proved it when he told Proud Boys to “stand by.” He proved it when he asked Ukraine to help him steal an election. He proved it when he asked Congressional Republicans to help him steal an election. He proved it when he took Russia’s side over Americans. He proved it when he slept through briefings reporting that Putin paid bounties on American troops. He proved it when he told his fucknut base that an election was corrupt. He proved it when he sat on his ass and ignored a pandemic that has killed nearly 380,000 Americans.

The final straw was his proving it when he incited his base of terrorists to attack Congress in order to install him as a dictator. Osama bin Laden and Donald Trump are two men who sent terrorists to attack our capitol building. Donald Trump is uniquely unqualified and now, uniquely dangerous.

There are fewer than two weeks before Joe Biden is sworn in and can start to repair the damage from this disaster of a presidency. But what will Trump do in that time?

Donald Trump was still praising terrorists, telling them they’re special and that he loved them after the attack. He didn’t condemn it until his staff pressured him over the threat of being removed. Then, Donald Trump finally conceded that he will not be president after January 20 (a lot of his followers believe the “transitioning to a ‘new’ administration” is a “new” Trump administration without Mike Pence. Seriously). So, since Trump caved, you may believe he’s learned his lesson and will be on his best behavior, whatever that looks like, until the 20th.

After Donald Trump was impeached, Maine Senator Susan Collins said he learned his lesson…then he started firing everybody who testified against him and started breaking laws again. Republicans haven’t learned their lessons either. You can’t trust Donald Trump. Don’t believe me? Go ask Mike Pence.

During the riot, Mike Pence and his family were in the capitol. There were goons with zip ties seeking him out. Donald Trump called senators in the capitol…not to check on Pence’s safety but to keep strategizing on how to steal the election.

Donald Trump doesn’t learn morals, ethics, or lessons. After four years, you think he’s going to learn in the last two weeks? Get the fuck out of here.

And Donald Trump should get the fuck out of here.

The best thing for everyone would be if Donald Trump resigned, but since he hasn’t done it yet, that’s not going to happen.

The second best thing would be for his cabinet to remove him. Of course, they haven’t learned yet that we can’t trust Donald Trump. There are arguments that removing him will make uniting the nation even more difficult. But really? That ship has sailed. Quite frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about unifying with people who support terrorists. I don’t need unity with people who put a cult of racist personality before their nation. I don’t need unity with people who bring pipe bombs and Molotov cocktails to a protest. Unity with zip-tie guy and Chewbacca bikini? Unity Schmunity.

That brings us to impeachment. Sure, it won’t remove him…even if the Senate was on board. There’s no way both chambers in Congress could move that fast and cooperate…even if you get ten Republicans in the Senate who realize Donald Trump is freaking lunatic and a threat to national security, and agree to toss him out. Plus, there are still traitors and supporters of terrorists in both chambers. By the way, all those idiots need to be removed too, and that includes my treasonous Congressman, Rob Wittman.

Call me “Crazy,” but I don’t think people who oppose elections should hold elected office.

Impeach Donald Trump anyway. A second impeachment will be a larger stain on the worst president in the history of all presidents, and that includes the president of the New York Jets (who by the way, is a Trump appointee as an ambassador). Congress impeached Bill Clinton for receiving oral sex and I don’t think that killed anybody. Trump riot: Five dead (maybe six). Clinton blowjob: Zero deaths and a happy president. After the blowjob, nobody worried about Clinton nuking Ottawa.

And if you can get the Senate to go along, impeachment and conviction may bar him from serving again. There’s a huge dispute on that.

Let’s touch on that dispute. There are memes going around that a “removed” president can not receive his pension, office, staff, Secret Service protection, and other assorted goodies. The argument here is: If he’s removed, then he’s no longer a “former” president, which is what the law says he must be to collect all the benefits. If Congress does not remove him and the Senate convicts him AFTER he’s president, then he’s still a “former” president and will still be eligible for the benefits. You can’t remove somebody after they’re gone. I’m unsure about him being eligible for running again. But make note, being in prison does NOT prohibit one from running for president. People in prison have run for president…from prison. And still that guy wasn’t “uniquely” unqualified for the presidency.

The most important thing (after not playing with the nuclear codes) is that Donald Trump not be president again. Nearly half this nation still supports him. A poll over the weekend showed that 45% of Republicans approved the terrorist attack on Congress. 53% say it’s not Trump’s fault. 50% of Republicans called the terrorists “protesters” and 30% called them “patriots.”

If Mike Pence and the cabinet are patriots, they’ll remove him NOW. Now! Now! Now! As it is, the terrorists are planning another attack, perhaps on the 20th. If I know this, then Donald Trump knows it. Has Donald Trump issued a statement telling his supports to “stand down?” No.

Make the White House like the house in Amityville and have a loud voice say, “GET OUT!” And now it occurs to me, have we considered an exorcism?

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  1. Everyone knows how all this will end. If he is still president today after what has happened on January 6th, then nothing will be done. The worst is still to come. Period!

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Unqualified moron!! Yes, go for it!! .. “Impeach Trump anyway. A second impeachment will be a larger stain on the worst president in the history of all presidents, and that includes the president of the New York Jets (who by the way, is a Trump appointee as an ambassador).”

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