Taps For Terrorists


Ashli Babbitt was a veteran of the United States Air Force. She spent six years in an Air National Guard unit whose mandate, ironically, is to defend the Washington region and respond to civil unrest. Its nickname: the Capital Guardians. Her family describes her as a patriot. Ashli Babbitt died Wednesday attacking the United States Capitol building.

Kevin Greeson’s family said, “He was not there to participate in violence or rioting, nor did he condone such actions.” Yet, Greeson was inside the Capitol building participating in the riot. Officially, he died from a heart attack from all the excitement. Others say the heart attack was provoked when he tasered himself by accident…in the genitals.

Benjamin Philips was a Trump supporter from Pennsylvania. He didn’t make it back to PA because he suffered a stroke during the riot.

Rosanne Boyland told her family back in her home of Georgia, “I’m going to stand on the sidelines. I’m just going to show my support.” She died inside the Capitol Rotunda. Capitol Police say she collapsed and couldn’t be saved. Others on the scene say she was trampled by the MAGA mob.

All four of these people are being called patriots. But each of those who participated in the riot and attack on our nation’s capital are not patriots. They are terrorists.

These terrorists are being turned into martyrs by the Trump cult, a cult that claims it’s patriotic and get upset over someone kneeling during the national anthem, but turns around and supports a terrorist attack on our nation.

These terrorists went to Washington to change the leadership of our government through violence. That’s insurrection, sedition, and terrorism. While claiming they were fighting for liberty, freedom, and democracy, they were fighting to disenfranchise millions of voters.

The Trump Cult opposes peaceful protests by Black Lives Matter and any time there is violence or looting from the protests, they’re quick to call it a riot. They’re still calling what happened Wednesday a “protest.” It was a “protest” where participants brought guns, Molotov cocktails, and pipe bombs.

What happened Wednesday by Trump supporters is the very definition of terrorism.

But how is it terrorism when they’re passionate about their beliefs? Those 19 hijackers on 9/11 were also passionate about their beliefs. One difference between the terrorists on 9/11 and the terrorists on 1/6, the 9/11 guys weren’t traitors. The Trump Terrorists’ “passion” is based on lies and conspiracy theories. They follow a cult leader. Osama bin Laden and Donald Trump have both ordered attacks on our nation’s capital.

We are no longer post-9/11. Now, we are post-1/6. Which is worse? An attack on our nation by a terrorist based in Afghanistan or an attack on our nation by a terrorist living in the White House?

All these tMAGA terrorists were incited by Donald Trump. White House sources say he was thrilled during the attack. After the attack, before he condemned it, he told the MAGA mob they were “special” and “we love” them. Ivanka Trump sent, then deleted, a tweet calling the terrorists “patriots.”

Donald Trump told the mob to go to Capitol Hill and “fight like hell.” Rudy Giuliani urged “trial by combat.” You can argue those were just provocative political speeches, but the terrorists went directly from the hate rally to Capitol Hill, which they proceeded to attack. During the attack, instead of calling and ordering the military to defend Capitol Hill, Trump was calling congressmen and senators to continue objecting to the electoral college. Donald Trump’s priority was to save himself, not the nation.

Ashli Babbitt took an oath to defend and protect this nation. So did Donald Trump. So did all the members of Congress who tried to overturn a democratically-held election, then continued their attempt to overthrow an election after the riot. These traitors, terrorists, and supporters of terror all betrayed their country. Coups are not patriotic. Destroying a republic is not very Republican.

This cartoon and column will be controversial, but it shouldn’t be. We should not be afraid to call these people terrorists. They did not die for their country. They died attacking their country and trying to install a fascist dictator through violence. We should not be afraid to call them what they are. They are terrorists. If you support them, you support terrorists who attack America. You also lost all credibility to oppose any protest…ever.

The one patriot who died (so far) from the attack is Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Police officer who died during the attack defending our nation’s capitol building and those who serve in it. Today, the flags over Capitol Hill are flying at half-mast. The flag over the White House not been lowered. Why?

The flags have not been lowered over the White House to pay respects to Office Sicknick because Donald Trump and his supporters don’t love America or those who serve it. Donald Trump and MAGA love terrorists. He said so himself.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Controversial or not, this is the truth!! … “These terrorists are being turned into martyrs by the Trump cult, a cult that claims they’re patriotic and get upset over someone kneeling during the national anthem, but turns around and supports a terrorist attack on our nation.”

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  2. I would be curious to know if those who died did so because EMTs could not get to them in time, and/or could not get to a hospital, due to them being within the crowds.

    If they ever determine who hit Officer Sicknick with a fire extinguisher will, I hope, be charged with homicide.

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  3. A Modest Proposal (AMP):

    TCT(The Capitol Terrorists)
    FAC (Found, Arrested, and Charged),
    they should be
    HFT (Held For Trial)
    NSGB (Naval Station Guantanamo Bay)
    where the
    OFT (Other Foreign Terrorists)
    ATU (Attack The USA)
    are held.

    But… but… aren’t they
    USC (United States Citizens)?

    NAM (Not Any More).

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  4. The traitors and terrorists are the ones who are calling Ashli those names.
    There is no such thing as an unarmed insurrection. That is an oxymoron and only a moron would claim otherwise.

    My great grandfather was an officer in the Revolutionary War, my grandfather fought with Patton in WW2 and my Dad was a combat veteran of Vietnam. My entire lineage has been in major wars for this nation on the front lines, so I know damn well precisely who the enemies of America are and it sure as hell wasn’t Ashli. It is the people who create such “cartoons” and other freaks who lack any ethical or moral sense. I managed over 150 people and took numerous ethical tests and passed all with flying colors and so I apparently know right from wrong unlike the cartoonish freak that drew up such a “cartoon” as well as his sicko admirers. How exactly do Trump supporters like black economists Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams fit into this “Trump Cult”? Explain how such men join a “cult” while the BLM (a real cult) was led by a former member of the Weather Underground terrorist organization guilty of murders???


  5. Google *The Detroit News* “Ron Weiser comments on Michigan leadership, removing colleagues.” I’ve tried twice to forward it, but it won’t send.🙄

    In context, he is trying to respond to the lunatic fringe sitting in front of him. But he chose his own words.


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