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I forgot about posting this again, so here goes.

States that are still oppressing votes of their black citizens shouldn’t start questioning how other states conduct elections. Texas needs to stay in their wheelhouse.

If Texas wants to tell us how to do Tex-Mex food, fine. If they want to teach us about underachieving football teams, they got that covered. If you need solid information on big hats, talk to Texas. If you want expert advice on how to destroy every environmental regulation, go to Texas. If they want to teach a course on electing the creepiest ugly fucker ever to the United States Senate, they’re experts on the subject.

But how to run an election? I don’t want Texas talking to me. I want to talk to Texas. I want to tell them to drink a tall glass of shut the hell up because when it comes to free and fair elections, Texas is all hat and no cattle. I’d rather get election advice from the cattle than from Texas. When it comes to running elections, Texas is full of bullshit.

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  1. It’s okay for Texans to disenfranchise Black voters, or brown voters, or red voters, etc. Everyone knows it was reaĺly a person of colour who shot JR, and therefore anyone who isn’t white is guilty of something, and cannot be allowed to say who should be in power.

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  2. I can’t wait to steal your line and tell someone to “drink a tall glass of shut the hell up”. I so love it! I even know the first person I’m telling. Ama I’m adding to the list as I’m writing this.

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