Roughs, Volume 69

Let’s post a few roughs during the calm before the storm. This is volume 69. Get your mind out of the gutter, you Beavises.


The very last rough I drew this week was the cartoon CNN selected. I love the response I received from readers for it.


I was kinda struggling when I drew this one.


I’m not sure where I was going with this one but I was digging it.


I messed up here. The sign was supposed to say “2024,” NOT “2020.” It was getting late in the day.


I wasn’t in love with this one either.


I drew this then remembered, I drew this cartoon four years ago.


Yes. There is a shark with a frickin’ laser beam on its head.


I thought if worse came to worse, I’d cave and draw this piece of crap cliché. What? You like it?


You’ve seen this one which means I liked it. 


I liked this one but maybe only because of the layout.


I’ve drawn so many tombstones over the past year.


This is everyone I know…almost.

There are a few others I haven’t posted here because I’m going to draw one of them…I just haven’t decided which one yet.

Tip Jar: This pandemic is hitting everyone, including your favorite goofy cartoonist. I have lost clients and I’m afraid I might lose more. The PayPal button has always been included here for those who can and want to voluntarily support what I do. I understand this time is hard on everyone. If you can’t, don’t contribute. Take care of yourself and your family first. But, all and any help is greatly appreciated and it helps keep me going. Think of me like a street performer busking out tunes on a corner (I won’t play “Wonderwall.” I promise). If you like the tune, or in this case, toon, throw a buck into the tip jar. It’ll help me play another song, draw another toon, write another blog, make another video, and post another snarky post on social media. It’ll help keep me alive. You can also order a signed print for $40. And if you don’t like the PayPal option, you can snail mail it to my P.O. Box.

You can purchase a signed print of this cartoon.

New Book: Tales From the Trumpster Fire

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