Shaken, Not Stirred


As you’re probably aware, unless this is your first visit to, is that I HATE obituary cartoons…for the most part. But, I do acknowledge how much readers…and editors…love them.

I tweeted out, “A thump to the head to the first cartoonist who draws St. Peter serving a martini, shaken, not stirred.” You are going to see that cartoon. What’s worse than some cartoonist thinking it up and drawing it? The cartoonist who gets the idea from my tweet.

Right after that tweet, I thought of this and it actually made me laugh. So I cranked it out real quick. And I got to make myself laugh while giving editors something MOST won’t be afraid of.

I was never a James Bond fan. I didn’t hate it either. For me, it was always meh. I did think the Roger Craig…wait…that’s a football player. DANIEL Craig! That’s his name. Anyway…I thought his James Bond was pretty exciting. But…those movies still suck.

Yeah, they’re iconic but tell me the plot of one James Bond movie. There’s a spaceship and a bad guy with a cat and a henchman with steel teeth and there’s some torture designed to kill Bond but not before the entire evil plot is explained to him….yeah. You still don’t know any James Bond plots. You know Austin Powers plots, but not any for James Bond. You just know where he is, who is the bad guy, and who he’s laying. James Bond got laid so much they even put “pussy” in one of the movie titles which is unusual for a movie that’s not a porno.

But, regardless of that, Sean Connery was the coolest, smoothest man to ever play Bond. Maybe my problem with Bond is that while growing up, they were making them with Roger Moore.

I do remember one thing about those movies and that’s they’re great for first dates. I went on a first date in the 80s to a James Bond movie. It was one of those with Timothy Dalton…or was it Pierce Brosnan? Or was there another guy in there? I dunno. But again, during the 2000s, I went on another first date to a Bond film and this time, it was Daniel Craig. I mean, Daniel Craig was not my date…it was a girl…but it was to a Daniel Craig Bond movie. I was never as successful during those first dates as Bond was on the screen.

But I digress. I had fun drawing this one. Maybe I should draw all my cartoons within 30 minutes. RIP, Sean Connery…you smooth mother….

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