Amy’s Cult


Amy Coney Barrett is a a judge for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals based in Chicago and the current darling of the right-wing frenzy-feeding evangelical fucknut base. And if this is who they want, Donald Trump will give her to them. Hell, he was literally polling the crowd at one of his hate rallies this week.

Donald Trump is expected to announce Coney Barrett this Saturday, but who knows. Maybe he’ll surprise us and find someone even worse, but I doubt it. His base wanted her before he named Kavanaugh…but Trump needed white men first. But right now, his base wants Coney Barrett.

Why do they want Coney Barrett? They expect her to be the final vote banning abortions, killing Obamacare, making birth control illegal, outlawing gay marriage, and forcing every woman in the nation to wear a chastity belt.

Naturally, a conservative of this caliber is religious. She’s not just religious and a Catholic…she’s in a cult. Which makes me ask, can a person be in two cults?

Amy Coney Barrett is a member of the People of Praise, which is described as a “charismatic Christian parachurch organization.” I’m not sure I understand what that is, so I needed to research it. Unfortunately, I made the not smart decision to read about it before I went to bed last night. What followed next… were nightmares.

No, a person should not be persecuted for his or her religion but if an atheist were to be nominated to the Supreme Court, I bet one scarlet letter Republicans would be screaming bloody murder. As it turns out, Coney Barrett is in a cult that inspired…wait for it because it’s goooooooooood… The Handmaid’s Tale.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is a dystopian novel about subjugated women in a patriarchal society. The cult Amy’s in has advisers assigned to each person. Male advisers are called “Heads” and the female advisers were called…wait for it again… “Handmaids.” They changed it to “Leaders” after the novel came out. It’s similar to why Donald Trump doesn’t call his secret goons infiltrating our cities as “stormtroopers.”

In Atwood’s novel, women’s bodies are governed and treated as the property of the state under a theocratic regime. In Amy’s cult, members are taught that men have authority over their wives. Members swear a lifelong loyalty oath to each other, which is already like marriage…or a Trump rally. But former members of the “organization” say that the “heads” and “handmaidens” can play a huge role in the lives of members, such as directing their choice of partner, where they live, and how they raise children.

One former member says you’ll be reported if you’re caught drinking alcohol, dating the wrong person, or even for expressing a sexual thought they find disturbing (which is odd since they don’t have a problem with a man saying he’d probably be dating his daughter if they weren’t related), For these dirty thoughts, you can be banished, which to me sounds like something you would want. Please. Banish me.

Another former member said that People of Praise believes that only married couples should have sex, and that marriage is only between a man and a woman. That’s fine. You can believe that…but I don’t want a Supreme Court Justice decided that for me and the rest of the nation.

That’s exactly what Republicans want. They’re in the minority of views. What they want, the majority of the nation doesn’t. They demand a larger chunk of representation than the rest of America which is why they love the electoral college. They know the majority of American people don’t want another fucknut on the bench and if they wait until after the election, then they won’t be able to do it…so they’re rushing now. The Republican Party expects to be rejected by the American people in November and they will lose the White House and Senate. But, they’ll be able to take comfort in the fact they forced as much as they could upon us.

The Supreme Court already has a majority that doesn’t represent the nation. The Supreme Court isn’t just in the wrong decade, but the wrong century.

Amy Coney Barrett will be on the highest court in the land making rulings about your life…your body. She’ll sit on cases involving healthcare, abortion, birth control, gay marriage, civil rights, etc. It’s not good.

And now you know why I had nightmares last night. The Handmaid’s Tale is a dystopian nightmare of a fictional autocratic society. The author, Margaret Atwood, sat on the book for three years because she thought the concept was just too crazy. It’s kinda like when The Simpsons did episodes back in the 1990s of Donald Trump being president because the idea of a Trump presidency was too crazy and ridiculous. Now, he’s making lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court. Now it’s our nightmare.

Two questions for Amy Coney Barrett: Are you in a cult? And, did you have to take a loyalty oath to either?

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  1. thanks for losing sleep over this FOR US ….

    you are gonna get sick of hearing this from me….. but….. I WISH I COULD FIND HUMOR LIKE YOU DO IN YOUR CUTTING EDGE TOONS.

    guess i am just a terminally angry white woman.

    today I WENT OFF…. on the kid of one of my cousin’s …why?…. he went out of his way to put a comment on my MASK TOON from yesterday. (good toon… why i only got 11 likes pisses me off… but i digress) THE ASS LAUGHED AT THE CONCEPT OF WEARING A MASK.

    ya… ya can’t win over stupid but he is around people i love and he has a young son. so Deb went off…. AND I DO NOT CARE.


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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    OMG!! … beyond serious and scary!! … “Why do they want Coney Barrett? They expect her to be the final vote banning abortions, killing Obamacare, making birth control illegal, outlawing gay marriage, and forcing every woman in the nation to wear a chastity belt.
    Amy Coney Barrett is a member of the People of Praise, which is described as a “charismatic Christian parachurch organization.” I’m not sure I understand what that is, so I needed to research it. Unfortunately, I made the not smart decision to read about it before I went to bed last night. What followed next … were nightmares.”

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  3. Nice work Clay. I do trust your research. Thx. Which leaves me shking my head.
    While the Court wasn’t balanced – I was able to (painfully) swallow most rulings over the last 3.75 years.The phucked-up Voting Rights decision I assume has now (no doubt privately) bitten Roberts in the ass. If not, I really hope so. Anyway. Religion (or Religous Zealots) were never to be part of our laws. Religions was to be hands off. The more religion seeps into the ruling party and the Courts decision making process, the less rights the American people will have. I wonder how many years it will take before a case reaches the SC that states “nobody shall eat meat on Fridays”. With Coney the Cult Bible-Banging Barrett on The Court you can bet we’ll all be fake vegans on Fridays – not to mention (but I will) how many women will also become criminals and some will literally die from the need of “back-alley” abortions. Then, add these to the list: No bargaining for fair union wages, no health care coverage for pre-existing conditions, and likely NO Affordable Care Act at all – resulting in 23 million Americans (this I have just now researched) being tossed off any health care insurance. We are all phucked with our pants on.

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  4. I admire RBG, but am mad at her gambling that Hillary would win and she could retire. Now, here we are, facing the possibility that cases brought to the Supreme Court will set us back decades if not centuries.
    I was planning on at least partially retiring next year but am putting off plans until after the election and or inauguration. I have no faith in the Rs continuing to believe that Social Security is the 3rd rail of politics. They seem bent on destroying anything that helps the average citizen.
    I am tired of Trump, his sycophants, the pandemic, wildfires and hurricanes (I live in California, but I feel for those who lose everything from floods and winds). I stop myself from saying 2021 will be better because it feels like all this chaos will never end.
    Thanks (?) Clay for doing the research on the candidate. The Handmaid’s Tale was so creepy I couldn’t read The Testaments.

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  5. I shuddered when I saw you mention “The Handmaid’s Tale.” Oh, man… that would be a freaking nightmare. I haven’t even read the book yet because the idea of it is scary as hell to me. I keep hearing how good and disturbing it is, and know a bit about it, but I just am horrified, too horrified to actually read it. I’ll get to it… eventually. Taking Ms. Atwood’s Masterclass one of these days, anyway, so I’ll have to get over it and read it at some point.

    But yeah, a regressive is the last thing we need in the highest spot in the land. Makes me wonder how the hell she got so high up to be a circuit court judge if she’s that batty.

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  6. Does anyone remember the fear (I have only read about this, so maybe the historians have overstated the fear-I wasn’t around until 1970) that if Kennedy a *gasp Catholic was elected that he’s be taking orders from the Pope? I remember (this one I was around for!) people worrying that the SCOTUS was all Jews & Catholics with nary a Christian in there. So weird that a few years later and the right is like “screw it, Catholics are close enough”. I have referenced my mother’s racism in the past. Religeous wise she never cared-not even if people were Muslim (that was handled by everyone brown being a G*d-D**n-F*****g Iranian. I dated a man from Bangladesh when I was a teen. Getting her to understand different countries-much less different beliefs was impossible.) Anyway it was through her that I found out the KKK hated Catholics just like they hated blacks & Jews & Native Americans & you get the picture. Apparently someone in Jersey married a Catholic & even tho the Klan didn’t exist in that area these asses dressed up like them in order to scare the family out if the area. The main family doing it last’s name was Cake, so they became known as the CC-Cake Clan. This was in the late 40s-early 50s. My great -aunt on my father’s side was disowned by the family for marrying a Catholic. There were 5 baptist (Southern & Freewill) preachers in the family. She was my favorite of all his people. My father was an atheist.

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      1. sadly, many protestants I’ve grown up with don’t consider catholics to be christians. They worship saints and a pope, not Jesus, after all (I know, unfair). Protestants have it right, but it depends on who you talk to. If you belong to my church and listen to my preacher and my worship songs and send money there, then you’re going to heaven and everyone else is going to hell (sarcasm intended).

        Ugh, I’ve hated that crap my whole life, and had my most religious classmates say that to me with a straight face. I haven’t talked to any of those folks in 20 years now. Makes me wonder how they’d feel about their religion and a certain figure in the White House today…

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      2. I know they are. My point was that to Americans back then Catholics were “the other”. Remember the US was a British colony. Since King Henry VIII they had their own church. They way my teacher explained it was Old Hank was pissed that the Pope wouldn’t allow him another divorce, so he created his own church instead. I realized as a kid that his wives fates made a rhyme:



        I personally feel that all religion is corrupt, and one should commune with whatever higher power you believe in with yourself . I know Jesus lived. That is historical fact. I infer from what is known about him that he was a good man, someone people should emulate. From what is known I feel I can safely say he would not want most of his so-called followers anywhere near him. I truly believe there is a “God”, but I feel it is not some petulant teenager who gets jealous (Old Testament) or who creates a “son” so only a few can go to heaven (New Testament). We all go back to the source. The soul is energy. The very thing that created the big bang.


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