Disgusting For Trump


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Donald Trump is an idiot. But he’s also a germaphobe and while not knowing much science, and saying stupid shit like, “Science doesn’t know what’s going on,” he knows he doesn’t want to be anywhere near the troglodyte hillbillies that vote for him.

When asked if his rallies were safe, his reply was that he’d be OK because the crowd was kept at a good distance from him. An answer about the safety of the people supporting him never popped up in that bile-filled skull of his. He’s telling his people to risk their lives, risk their children’s lives, risk their parents lives, hell, risk the lives of everyone in their community to attend his MAGAt rally but don’t worry. He’ll be OK.

One of his former aides has broken out of the White House. She was a former member of the coronavirus task force. She said Donald Trump initially thought the pandemic would be a good thing as it would give him an excuse not to shake hands with “disgusting” people. Who are these disgusting people? If you support Donald Trump, you.

The staffers still loyal to him, at least those not leaking to the press what a dangerous unstable moronic maniac he is to the world, swear he’d never look down on his supporters. Then, right on cue, he said blue states don’t matter.

Donald Trump argued that our grade in handling the coronavirus is great if you take out everyone who died in a blue state. I have a former step sister who’s a Trumpophile. To her, everything Trump says is true…or defensible. Every lie about Joe Biden is real. She lives in Illinois. Illinois is a blue state. If she or any member of her family dies, Donald Trump wouldn’t care. He’d argue they shouldn’t be counted. She’s still supporting him. He thinks she’s disgusting.

Minnesota and New Hampshire are two blue states that Hillary Clinton barely won. Trump was campaigning in Minnesota last week. He was holding another MAGAt rally, helping buildup blue state corpses that shouldn’t count. Why should those states swing to Trump if doesn’t think the people are important enough to count after they die from the virus named him? They’re so insignificant to him, he doesn’t want to be their president. They shouldn’t count.

Donald Trump does have a point. If you still support him, you’re disgusting.

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