Did you think Mitt Romney had changed? Did you forget he’s a Republican?

Mittens voted to impeach Donald Trump. He’s the only Republican to momentarily show any backbone and integrity. But you forget that a bootlickin’ he did go up to Trump Tower right after Donald Trump was fraudulently elected to the presidency.

What was weird about that, other than two fat-cat rich guys eating frog legs on 5th Avenue, was that Mitt had scorched Trump publicly. He gave a juicy speech on how unqualified Donald Trump was for the presidency…then he goes to Trump Tower to kiss that ass for a spot in the cabinet for an unqualified president? Yeah, that’s weirder than the frog legs thing.

For Trump’s part, he only wanted Mitt to ride up to Trump Tower for the photo-op. The man should have been building his cabinet, educating himself on the job before him, and be doing things that other adults might do…except he wanted revenge. He wanted Mitt to eat shit. And in that photo, it looks like shit was on the menu with the frog legs.

A few months ago, Mitt walked with Black Lives Matter in Washington. Who the fuck is this guy? Even people in Massachusetts can be forgiven if they forgot he was their governor once upon a time. When Mitt was the Republican nominee in 2012, he ran against everything he implemented in Massachusetts, like a public healthcare plan. He mostly ran on being the guy who saved the Salt Lake City Olympics. Now, he’s a United States Senator for Utah, walking with Black Lives Matter, and about to give a vote to a Supreme Court Justice who will kill the nation’s public healthcare plan.

Mitt has no shame. He’s real good at giving speeches on principles. Acting them out, I’d give him a C. Don’t forget, he built his fortune buying companies, gutting them, then selling them off piece by piece. Like Trump, he’s never built anything on his own in his life, but he’s real good at tearing things down that other people built.

Republicans are accusing Democrats of wanting to burn down the system. The thing is, they’re not going to save anything for Democrats to burn. It is shit like this that makes me reluctantly go along with stacking the Supreme Court.

It’s a cliché to draw someone as a puppet in a political cartoon, but Republicans are acting like cliché.

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  1. I am not defending Mitt – or any republican, and I’ll set aside trump has been impeached.

    The Constitution states, “the President nominates a SC Justice”. So by law, trump has the right to do so, same as Obama nominated Merritt Garland. The ISSUE is the Senate not voting for Obama’s nomination for 9 months before an election and now flipping “that” rule to ram a vote through 41 days before the election and 120 days before the inauguration.
    I firmly believe, being the country is SO divided and in full upset mode now, if the republicans vote-in a Justice – (which will be as unfair as unfair can be) this country will never recover in any reasonable democratic fashion. Sadly, the long term future has no value to Mitch McConnell. Welcome, the end of the democratic experiment.

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