Blue State, Red State, Trump State, Dead State


This morning, a friend of mine, Rob Southall, posted, “If you take away the blue states, nobody died on 9/11.” And you know if Donald Trump replaced FDR, we wouldn’t have reacted to Japan bombing Pearl Harbor since it was in a blue state.

One of my Trump-supporting Facebook “friends” posted a long, boring, ridiculous diatribe written by someone else who wasn’t credited, but it argued how Donald Trump wasn’t divisive. Yes, I wrote that correctly. It argued it wasn’t Donald Trump who is divisive. These are the same people who supported the birther theory, called President Obama a terrorist, a monkey, questioned his religion, and called his wife a man. But on the same day my Trump-cultist “friend” posted that, Donald Trump made comments that indicated to him, blue states don’t count.

Donald Trump said, “Blue states had tremendous death rates. If you take the blue states out, we’re at a level that I don’t think anybody in the world would be at.”

Late night host Seth Myers said, “I’m sure Trump’s not our first sociopath president, but he’s definitely the first one who’s open about it.”

And as usual, Donald Trump is wrong. If all our red states, states that voted for Donald Trump, and formed a nation, that red state nation would be in the top ten internationally of deaths from the coronavirus in developed nations…excuse me…the TRUMP virus. Of course, you have to believe Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia are developed.

There are more deaths in blue states than red. One reason for that is…more people live there. Case in point, the states that voted blue outnumbered the people in red states.

We are still one nation even though Donald Trump fails to act that way as president. Donald Trump implied that deaths in blue states don’t matter as much to him, since they didn’t vote for him. He’s been trying to claim success for his horrible handling and lying over the Trump virus while also blaming governors of blue states for his failures. He even blamed Joe Biden, who doesn’t hold any position in the government, for not enacting a mask mandate. Seriously. He also blamed President Obama for not developing a vaccine for the Trump virus even though it didn’t exist during his two terms.

There have also been claims that Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s idiot son-in-law who is an adviser, planned to use deaths in blue states politically, to help Trump’s reelection. He thought it would be smart politics to let Americans die. Whether that’s true or not, a lot of Americans died on Donald Trump’s watch. And when people died from this virus, whether they were in a blue state or a red state, they died under Donald Trump’s watch.

There was even a plan to mail five face masks to every American family but someone blocked that. Someone in the White House wanted Americans to die.

Donald Trump’s comments perfectly illustrates why I will never call him “President” Trump. It’s because he doesn’t want to be my president. He only wants to be president of his base. A president is supposed to be president of the entire nation and not just those Yee-Haw motherfuckers that voted for him. As it is now, Donald Trump’s entire reelection campaign is focused on the electoral college and not the popular vote. Donald Trump is only appealing to that Yee-Haw base and plans to win without the popular vote…again.

And in case you’re keeping track, the Republican Party has only won the popular vote for president ONCE since 1988. In case you’re a Republican, that was over 30 years ago.

Former White House aides have been coming out over the past few weeks saying Donald Trump only cares about his reelection. He doesn’t care about the Trump virus. He doesn’t care if you die, especially if you live in a blue state. There will be more former aides coming out in the coming weeks.

Seth Myers also said Orange Mussolini’s blue states comment was the most honest articulation of Trump’s beliefs. “If you can’t empower or enrich him personally, then he doesn’t care about you,” which makes the point the former White House aides are making.

Seth also said, “As someone who lives in one of those states and knows people affected by this virus, I would just like to say, go fuck yourself you rotting, soulless business ham.”

Yeah. What Seth said.

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  1. Once again Clay, you’ve touched on all the critical points. I’m confused. After all of this exposure I will never understand how anyone would hold an ounce of respct for Trump. 46 more days…..


  2. Repeating this post from yesterday because… important

    Rachel Maddow talks about what the Ki45*TF Administration is actually DOING – not merely discussing – to deal with COVID… basically let… no, FORCE… the Virus to spread Unhindered through the Entire U.S. population to achieve “Herd Immunity”… or as Ki45*TF calls it, “Herd Mentality”…

    Rachel “Runs The Numbers” to show how many Americans that Ki45*TF Plans To Kill to “Achieve Herd Immunity”… “Best Case” over 2,000,000 DEAD… “Worst Case” over 6,000,000 DEAD…


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