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Europeans often look down on Americans and make fun of us. That in itself may be more of a stereotype and a joke than it is real…or at least it was before Donald Trump became president.

The idea of Donald Trump being president was a joke. The Simpsons had it as a joke in one episode because it was so ridiculous. Lisa Simpson was president, who is a cartoon and not a real person, and that’s less ridiculous than a Trump presidency. Though in that episode, Lisa had to rebuild the nation after a Trump presidency.

But yeah, Donald Trump is a joke. But Europe, like American liberals and the few Republicans who put their nation before a cult, recognize he’s more than a joke. He’s dangerous. However, as dangerous as he is, gatherings of world leaders are still caught on hot mics mocking the guy who claims he’s restored international respect to our nation.

Europe has done a much better job with the coronavirus than our nation. While we have 4 percent of the world’s population, we have 25% of coronavirus cases. The virus is spiking in the deep south and our more liberal states in the northeast are enacting quarantines for visitors from those states. Europe may take it one step further.

Europe looks at us and they see our president, the ultimate ugly, stupid, arrogant American. And what do they see now? They see an ugly American denying a virus isn’t as bad as it is. They see a stupid American telling people to drink bleach and take a medication that can kill them (Hey, if Europe is afraid of a drug, you don’t wanna go near it). They see an arrogant American mock people for wearing facemasks. They see an incredibly ugly, stupid, arrogant American president (sic) say we have fewer cases of coronavirus when we have fewer tests. They see an idiot who believes tests create cases.

And now, the entire continent is considering banning each of us from entering. What’s next? Stiffed by Canada? Will Mexico build a wall and make us pay for it (probably)?

Europe may not like us very much but they love our money and for us to come over and eat their snails. But when they see our leader (sic) exhibit the very worst of us, Europe is all like, “Nope!” They don’t want dirty Americans to re-contaminate their nations where people actually believe in science.

I don’t blame them.

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  1. I’m wondering if this will include drumpf not allowed in EU countries for things like G7 meetings, etc. Wouldn’t THAT be poetic justice!! I think, too, that EU countries are using this as payback to drumpf, as well as for their own safety.

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  2. I’m usually a nice guy (but never around Trump, that’s impossible) but I gotta tell ya, stupid, arrogant Americans are not a stereotype. There are lots of nice Americans, don’t get us wrong. But away from their country, wherever they go in the world, they are a joke. If, say, a French person cannot understand their language, do Americans try to use a French-English dictionary to communicate? No? They talk louder, And Louder, until THEY ARE SCREAMING. “Why don’t you damn people learn to speak American. Cater to us. We are the greatest people on Earth!” Just so you know, and I say this with love, you’re not. You expect to be respected, but you show no respect to others. You laugh at us. You tell insulting jokes about us. And you want us to bow down and kiss your feet. Well, we refuse. Yeah, we’ll take your money, you spend it so foolishly. But we can do without it.
    BTW, I am an English Canadian. Chew on that one for awhile. (And, just to let you know, some of my best friends are Americans. Go figure!)

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      1. That too, but really that’s another slap in the face from Americans, taking up the whole western hemisphere as if they are the only people who matter.
        Since we’re talking nationality/race, calling First Nations people “INDIANS” when everyone knows Indians come from India. One little change was all it would have taken, once the mistake was realized, but we weren’t really people so it didn’t matter what you called us.
        You’ve all learned by now, one hopes, never to get me started on me being called an Indian and you calling yourselves Americans.
        Systemic racism even before we really knew what racism was. YAAAAAAWWWWWWWHHH!

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    1. How many years is it gonna take for us to be able to hold our heads high in the international stage again and not be faking it? Yeah, that might teach people a lesson if they do a travel ban on Americans. I can’t blame them. They’re protecting their country from infectious diseases. And they’ll protect themselves from more if they don’t let Dump in.

      126 days til election. Biden’s gonna have his hands full and need to get cracking on some contingency plans for January. Of course, everybody needs to VOTE to make sure he gets in.

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      1. I really wish you guys had someone a little more dynamic to vote for in November, but maybe a faceless guy is a boon in this case. Everyone is sick of seeing Trump’s face 10 or more times a day. A quiet president would be a good change of pace.

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      2. I don’t think the president has to be dynamic to be good. I mean, drumpf is ‘dynamic’, for certain values of that word. A great deal depends upon whom former VP Biden chooses for his VP . . . I watched Amb. & NSAdvisor Susan Rice on Rachel Maddow (29 June) and she is, obviously, well-versed in international politics and national security. I think she’d make a great VP choice, both for her expertise and her [youngish] age.


      3. That’s the first thing I was thinking–somebody who isn’t a narcissistic clown who reads a book once in a while sounds great to me.

        Oh boy–I just realized I’d hate to be Dump’s secret service detail for the next decade after he’s out of office. That’s gonna be the worst government position ever.


      4. Yup, going to prison for 8 hours a day everyday to protect him from a bunch of meatheads would not be a job I would do. I think I would quit first, no matter how good the pay.

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