Fun With Illiterate Racists


Racists don’t like it when racism is pointed out. They don’t like being told racism is a problem. They don’t like being told it’s something we need to work on. Racists want to believe everything is fine and no pun intended honky dory.

I once had a racist tell me that racism had been eradicated in the business world because Herman Cain was an executive for Godfather’s Pizza. It’s like saying racism doesn’t exist in the NFL anymore because there are 3 black coaches out of 32 or racism is gone from the entire nation because we elected a black president. Racists want everyone to be quiet about racism so they can continue to be racists without being hassled about it.

In Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser has ceremoniously renamed 16th Street Black Lives Matter Plaza and had “Black Lives Matter” painted in huge, bold, yellow letters on the street which leads straight to the…wait for it…White House.

Donald Trump is not pleased. Why? Because Donald Trump is a racist. Donald Trump has taken a side in race relations and that is the racist white side. You know, the Republican side. The Black Lives Matter movement is spreading across this nation in large cities and small towns alike. It has gone international. Donald Trump is very much opposed to it and has even tweeted a letter calling protesters, not rioters or looters, but protesters, “terrorists.” The president (sic) of the United States wants to call in the military to stomp out peaceful protests and even gassed peaceful protesters in front of the White House so he could walk across the street with a photo-op.

Kaleigh McEneny, the White House spokesgoon who swore during her first press briefing that she would NEVER lie to us, said teargas was NOT used against the protesters. She said this despite it being live on TV and later the Park Police, who initially said it wasn’t teargas, came out and said, “OK…it was teargas.” Where’s McEnany’s retraction and apology for lying and breaking her promise? Adviser Kellyanne Conway actually said the photo-op wasn’t a photo-op, but she has a long track record of lying to us.

Mayor Bowser said, “We want to call attention today to making sure our nation is more fair and more just and that black lives and that black humanity matter in our nation.” Well, Donald Trump can’t agree with that. Then, she had a green street sign
Black Lives Matter Plaza” affixed to a street lamp right outside St. John’s Church, where Donald Trump can surely see in case he wants to stage another photo-op there. But, if he misses that, perhaps he’ll see “Black Lives Matter” on the street leading to his front door.

Trump responded by complaining that the mayor keeps asking “us” for “handouts.” Handouts? Apparently, Trump doesn’t realize Washington, D.C. is a part of the United States and it’s the federal government’s job to partially fund the district, especially since the federal government won’t allow the district to have Congressional representation. Yet, citizens of the district must pay federal taxes despite not being able to be represented in Congress. Republicans who scream about taxation without representation are afraid the district would be represented by the Democratic Party. Trump also complained about the district’s budget and ignoring how much he has raised the federal debt for tax cuts for corporations, trust-fund babies, and rich assholes.

Black Lives Matter and the American Civil Liberties Union have both sued the Trump administration, specifically Trump and Attorney General William Barr for teargassing peaceful protesters so he could have his photo-op. Let’s hear Kayleigh McEneny defend Trump on this. William Barr defended the teargassing by saying the president (sic) has the right to walk across the street. That’s true but he doesn’t have the right to teargas people for a photo-op. Nobody was stopping him from walking across the street. Next time, try it without the teargas.

Bowser also ticked off Trump by sending him a letter demanding he withdraws military personnel and federal law enforcement from the district. She’s also concerned about unidentified law enforcement patrolling the streets. Yeah, what’s up with that? Goons for Trump?

Donald Trump doesn’t get it. He’s the type to respond to someone saying, “Black lives matter” with “All lives matter.” Donald Trump doesn’t get that the reason we never said “All lives matter” is that we never had to.

Donald Trump is a racist and he’s probably an illiterate one at that. Someone can read “Black lives matter” to him but they’re not going to be able to understand it for him.

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    1. “. . . the book should be upside down”

      I’ve looked and looked and have yet to see a picture/video of the bible being upside down; Snopes has nothing to say about this claim. In one video I saw, drumpf actually looks at the spine to see which way is up. Anyone have a pic of this? I know, it’s not important in the greater scheme of this all, but I want more proof of his stupidity.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. As to the “upside down” bible, I’m sure we’re seeing the tail of the ribbon sticking out through the pages of the bottom of the book. All my bibles have bookmark ribbons (anchored at the top) that leave about two inches of tail sticking out of the bottom.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. He did have it right side up but the cover wasn’t facing forward so you can see the title as is usual when holding up a book to an audience. I think the bigger issue is, what was the point of this whole episode??? He didn’t tour the building, he didn’t talk to the minister, give a speech or read a passage. He and his entourage just walked over, Ivanka hands him a bible and he just stands there and holds it up. Someone had the protesters (mind you peaceful protesters) moved back with no warning, they were just assaulted with flash bangs and some tear gas like substance so he could do this. Really, what was the point other than he proved he could?

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