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Conservatives, Trump supporters, and even Trump himself keep pointing out how horrible protesters are. They’re so bad, we need to call in the military to every state to stop them from exercising their Constitutional rights.

If you listen to the goons, all protesters are Antifa coming to kill you, loot your store, and impregnate your daughters. They’re not all coming to kill you and loot your store. And nearly every time they point out someone as an example of a protester who’s really a criminal, their example is black. Golly gee willikens, I wonder why that is.

In fact, from conservatives, you only hear about the bad stuff. You hear about looting, riots, and people being hurt. You don’t hear about George Floyd or police brutality. You don’t hear about the message being sent. All they’re doing is trying to invalidate the Black Lives Movement. And the one thing you’re not hearing from the right-wingers are examples of police brutality.

One of my readers was a little upset with a recent cartoon and column of mine. She pointed out that it’s only a few bad apples among the police. What she doesn’t get is that those “bad apples” are the result of a bad system. They’re the result of a racist system.

When Donald Trump spoke to a group of police officers shortly after becoming president (sic) and told them “not to be so nice” and suggested they bash handcuffed suspects heads into cars while placing them in back seats, it wasn’t one or two cops giggling in the crowd. It wasn’t one or two who applauded and cheered. It was all of them. Plus, in case you missed it, the President (sic) of the United States endorsed police brutality. He also used the word “thugs” in his endorsement.

After the Minnesota State Police released a CNN reporter they arrested, it wasn’t one “bad apple” who said they released him “after” verifying his credentials. The lie was the official statement from the department.

On Monday while U.S. Park Police were clearing the crowd out from in front of the White House for Donald Trump’s photo-op, a cop slammed his shield into a cameraman from 7News U.S. As the cameraman and reporter, Amelia Brace, are fleeing, like the cops want them to do, one of the cops takes a swing and strikes Brace in the back with his baton. The Park Police’s initial response was, “As many of the protesters became more combative, continued to throw projectiles, and attempted to grab officers’ weapons, officers then employed the use of smoke canisters and pepper balls. No tear gas was used by USPP officers or other assisting law enforcement partners to close the area at Lafayette Park.” I guess we can’t believe our lying eyes.

In Buffalo, the police shoved a 75-year-old man to the ground, cracking his head open and then walking away without checking on his condition. One policeman attempts to check on the man but another cop pulls him away. The police department’s excuse? The man tripped. That’s not one “bad apples” statement. Again, it’s from the entire department.

From police in New York City driving into a crowd of protesters to cops in Louisville shooting pepper-spray balls at journalists to cops beating unarmed and peaceful protesters, the police are out of control. Donald Trump is shouting about being the “law and order” president, but this isn’t law and order.

Police brutality is worse than riots. It’s worse than looting. Why? Because the police have sworn to protect us. They’ve sworn to protect protesters. Even when those protesters are protesting against the police. Don’t forget this entire thing started because of police killing an unarmed black man.

Republicans want to dehumanize and vilify George Floyd and protesters. Why do you think they want to vilify Black Lives Matter? Why do they want to label anyone fighting for equal rights as a villain? Think about that.

From what I can see, and saw in person, the ones without humanity are the ones wearing badges.


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  1. “She pointed out that it’s only a few bad apples among the police. ”

    People making that argument don’t actually know the proverb. The full proverb is “a few bad apples spoil the barrel.” So she isn’t making the point she thinks she is making.

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