Roughing It, Volume 48

Let’s check out some roughs from the previous week.


I took this cartoon…


…and this cartoon…


…to create this cartoon for CNN. There has been so much stupid insane bullshit coming from the White House over the past two weeks (OK, more than usual), that I haven’t been able to capture everything.


I don’t know why I was on a balcony kick last week.


But I was.


I debated this cartoon against a few other ideas and ultimately drew it.


And it’s one of the most popular cartoons I’ve drawn this year…so far.


I kinda like this one. My only concern was that it might have flown over heads.


I didn’t like this one very much.


I didn’t like this idea but I wanted to do the subject. I never did. I hate that. Shit.


I rejected this one pretty quickly because so many others were making the same comparison and I didn’t want to focus on riots. I drew this before my trip to New York. I’m glad I didn’t do it. But now, I think I may do something with Kaepernick. Subscribers, check your inbox tomorrow (subscribing is free).


I didn’t draw this one mostly because I wanted to get away from fat-shaming…even if it is Donald Trump. I don’t want to hit innocent people when I’m trying to hit Trump. Plus, I’ve put on a few pounds during this pandemic. Mmmmm….bacon and ice cream.


See? Too much insane shit at once preventing me from hitting everything. What a freaking maniac this guy is.


I liked this point. In fact, I thunk it up all by myself. I even did the math. Yeah, I don’t math.


I almost drew this one.


This was boring which to me is the greatest cartoon sin. But yeah, fuck Mark Zuckerberg.


This one may have been a stretch to get. Yeah, I know it has a typo. Also, fuck Donald Trump.


Sometimes I feel the need to throw in a little color to help the idea get across when I do a rough. This is basic watercolor over pencil. I rarely use the watercolor option in my digital program but it’s easy to use and I don’t have to create another layer, so it’s great for roughs. I nearly did this cartoon and I was thinking of several different ways to present it. Then, I saw something similar so I let it go. Bye, cartoon idea. Bye.

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  1. “Roughing It” is an enjoyable visit into your mind and provides insight as to what motivates your art. The finished art and commentary are always a welcome addition to my inbox on a daily basis, but this is the proverbial cherry on the top! I add a quote that I have shared elsewhere, but definitely applies to Clay Jones the political cartoonist : “An artist is not paid for his labor but for his vision.” – James McNeill Whistler. Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. In one cartoon you note a minor typo, yet you miss note a double-typo in an earlier cartoon.
    Trump doesn’t dishoner the memory of George Floyd, he dishonors the memory, or in real English, he dishonours it. Or did I miss Trump making this typo? I don’t do social media other than WP.
    As for a good cartoon, you really should have completed the clinically morbid obesity.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a week. We had a few demonstrations in Australia on similar issues. So far the government response is that it was irresponsible during a pandemic.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. LOL at the Harriet Tubman $20 bill, but it made me check on the status. Leave it to this Administration to screw up yet again – their excuse to not reissue the $20 due to counterfeiting concerns rings hollow when the $10 and $50 bills are being reissued “with new features”, and they both are much less likely to be counterfeited than $20s are.
    [P.S. it seems odd that I can post comments, but cannot “Like” a comment without logging in.]


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