Worse Than Lincoln


Nearly every historian agrees Abraham Lincoln is our greatest president. And while there are other presidents who were great…and tragic (like Franklin Pierce losing his son between the election and inauguration and his other two children also died young, his wife suffered from depression, and he became an alcoholic), none was more tragic than Abraham Lincoln.

It’s interesting to bring up Pierce because he helped set the stage for the Civil War, which was Lincoln’s greatest challenge and helped contribute to the tragedy that was Lincoln. During the war, Pierce spent his time criticizing Lincoln (which I’m sure we’ll see Trump do for the presidents who follow him). Holding the nation together and winning an American insurrection makes Abraham Lincoln our greatest president. Lincoln was presented the greatest challenge to our nation and he answered the call with brilliance…all while malice was directed at him.

Lincoln once declined an opportunity to discredit a story in the press and said, “I do the very best I know how, the very best I can; and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything. If the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference.” Donald Trump doesn’t have ten angels swearing he was right. He has the ilk of Sean Hannity.

Donald Trump likes to let us know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican as if we didn’t already know that, which means he didn’t know until recently. He’s boasted in the past that he’s more popular with Republicans than Lincoln was, despite the fact there weren’t polls in the 1860s. Donald Trump probably doesn’t know what happened in the 1860s. Donald Trump has two things in common with Lincoln. One is, they’re both Republicans, though the Republican Party Lincoln was a member of was the liberal party that freed the slaves and became Lincoln’s party. Donald Trump has turned the Republican Party into the Cult of Trump and has an agenda of oppression with supporters chanting “send them back.” Abraham Lincoln was our first Republican president and his party later gave us other great Republican presidents like Teddy Roosevelt and Dwight Eisenhower. Donald Trump may be our last Republican president.

The second thing Donald Trump has in common with Abraham Lincoln is that he’s facing a crisis that wasn’t his creation. Donald Trump did not bring the coronavirus to the United States. He didn’t create it. It’s not his fault. But, unlike Lincoln, he handled the crisis poorly. The coronavirus pandemic was made worse in this country by Donald Trump. Can you imagine if Abraham Lincoln said, “only two states seceded so far and soon it’ll be down to zero?” What if Lincoln said the Civil War was a “Democratic hoax?” Could Lincoln have claimed the Confederate victory at Manassas was “fake news?”

It’s appropriate that Donald Trump held his most recent interview with Fox News at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial. Sitting at Lincoln’s feet, Donald Trump was tiny to the giant that is Abraham Lincoln. Just like he was to the memorial, Donald Trump’s presidency is puny, frail, and weak compared to the enormity that was Abraham Lincoln’s. When compared to Lincoln, Trump is microscopic.

While many events have taken place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, it’s prohibited to stage a public event in the interior. However, Donald Trump received clearance from the Interior Department to conduct his little virtual town hall with Fox News. David Bernhardt, the secretary of the interior, is a former oil executive, so it’s not like he approached the situation with respect and reverence for history or public property.

The secretary issued a statement explaining the trampling over the memorial with, “Given the extraordinary crisis that the American people have endured, and the need for the president to exercise a core governmental function to address the nation about an ongoing public-health crisis, I am exercising my authority to facilitate the opportunity for the president to conduct this address within the Lincoln Memorial.”

Yeah, about that need to “address the nation about an ongoing public-health crisis.” The town hall was an extension of Donald Trump’s rage tweeting that’s still continuing from the past weekend.

George W. Bush issued a statement about unity during this pandemic. It didn’t have anything to do with Donald Trump or politics. Yet, Donald Trump made it about himself and rage tweeted that Bush didn’t back him up during his “impeachment hoax.” Donald Trump is incapable of taking this pandemic seriously and is only focused on himself.

During his town hall, he even claimed the choice of the venue was Fox’s, not his. He lied at the feet of Honest Abe.

Then, he said, “Look, I am greeted with a hostile press the likes of which no president has ever seen. The closest would be that gentleman right up there. They always said Lincoln…nobody got treated worse than Lincoln. I believe I am treated worse.”

Let me remind you, in case you’re a poor student of history…you know…a Republican, that Lincoln was assassinated. And the assassin, John Wilkes Booth, if he was alive today, would be a Trump supporter. He’d have the MAGA hat.

And if Donald Trump was alive during Lincoln’s time, he would have supported the south and had created conspiracy theories about Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was born west of the Mississippi!

Donald Trump is all about grievance. His entire base is based on grievance. For Trump, it’s about his personal grievance. The press is mean to him. He’s treated worse than Lincoln. People are lying about his crowd sizes. He is the whiniest president in our nation’s history. But, it’s also about white grievance which he has cultivated. People who voted for Trump wear the cap with the saying, “Make America Great Again,” which means, “Make America White Again.” It’s MAGA. Now, many of them are “KAGA,” which is “Keep America Great Again.” How do you “keep” something “again?” Anyway…

Donald Trump is a crybaby. His supporters are crybabies. They’re all snowflakes. And just like the Michigan protesters stormed their state capitol building with guns after Trump told them to “liberate” Michigan, John Wilkes Booth entered a theater with a gun. Abraham Lincoln liberated the slaves. Donald Trump is telling white people to liberate their states from…I’m not sure.

Just like the Ku Klux Klan, white militants, white supremacists, David Duke, and your crazy racist uncle who believes in chemtrails and Obama was born in Kenya, John Wilkes Booth would have loved Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is confused. He’s not treated worse than Lincoln. He IS worse than Lincoln.

Creative note: I’m going to tell you before someone does it. Do not leave a comment expressing a desire that Donald Trump gets what happened to Abraham Lincoln. I’m sick of that shit coming from liberals. You’re supposed to be better than that. If you do it, I’m going to smack you down.

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  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is the best way to look at it … “It’s appropriate that Trump held his most recent interview with Fox News at the feet of the Lincoln Memorial. Sitting at Lincoln’s feet, Trump was tiny to the giant that is Abraham Lincoln. Just like he was to the memorial, Trump’s presidency is puny, frail, and weak compared to the enormity that was Abraham Lincoln’s. When compared to Lincoln, Trump is microscopic.”

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  2. I simply want to see Trump get what he deserves. Exactly what he deserves.

    I want him in jail for his dozens of violations of the laws of the United States. And I don’t want him in a powder puff prison, I want him in a facility like I’d go to for committing bank fraud as he has done, filing lying tax returns as he has done, etc.

    And that’s why I didn’t want Biden to get the nomination. Biden will get all weepy and give Trump a pardon “for healing”. This country will heal when it is apparent that we elect Presidents, not Kings.

    Fortunately, the State District Attorney of New York is not bound by federal pardons, so we may at least get to see Trump marched off to the state pen.

    Heil Trump? No, JAIL TRUMP!

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