The Voting Blue No Matter Who Blues


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A friend and fellow cartoonist is having a major freakout over Joe Biden probably being the Democratic Party’s nominee. I’m using him as an example because he’s the perfect case of a liberal freakout.

My friend is being a baby over this. Sure, we should all fight for what we believe to be the best direction of our nation, but I think this guy, who is in his mid to late 50s, is being irrational and whinier than any millennial over not getting his way. The guy is creating new anti-Biden posts on Facebook on a near hourly basis. I also disagree with him on three major points: He doesn’t believe Donald Trump did anything wrong when he asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Biden. He believes Joe and Hunter Biden are corrupt. And quite possibly the craziest one, there’s no difference between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

While he does receive some resistance, he also has a lot of friends leaving comments who agree with him. Here’s where I disagree.

The Bernie Bros make the argument that it’ll be Democrats’ fault if Trump is reelected if they don’t make Bernie Sanders the nominee. Sure, a lot of whiners won’t vote for Biden because he’s too moderate or they believe he’s no different from Trump. But the Democratic Party can’t appease these people if they’re going to be irrational and with all due respect, stupid.

The argument here is if they don’t get what they want then they’re not going to help you, but you better give them what they want and then help them. That is, give them Bernie and then vote for Bernie against Trump, even though you feel about Bernie the way they do about Biden.

But even if you like Bernie Sanders, and I do, it’s ridiculous to believe a self-admitted socialist has a better chance of beating Donald Trump than a moderate.

I have a solution. Vote for the nominee no matter who it is. Bernie, Joe, vote blue. There is a difference between the Democratic nominee, no matter who it is, and Donald Trump.

If you don’t vote blue, then you’re allowing Trump to continue to appoint conservative fucknut judges, throw babies in jail, build a racist wall, ban Muslims from entering the nation, engage in further racist attacks and policies, build nationalism, starve poor children, destroy reproductive rights and further attack women, attack our allies, destroy NATO, hand South Korea over to North Korea while legitimizing Kim Jong Un, appease Vladimir Putin and ignore Russia’s attacks against our nation, slobber all over dictators, continue nepotism, enrich himself from the office, violate our environment while disregarding science, allow Iran to build nuclear weapons, increase the deficit while giving himself tax cuts, and install a government that serves Trump and only Trump.

And as displayed over the past two weeks while placing his ego over a pandemic hitting our nation, Donald Trump doesn’t know how to be president.

Voting for Donald Trump is voting for Kellyanne Conway, Mark Meadows, and Stephen Miller. It’s a vote to allow the worst people to run amuck over our government.

And you need to seriously ask yourself: Would you rather Ruth Bader Ginsburg be replaced by Joe Biden or Donald Trump? If you don’t think there’s a difference, then you’re dumber than I could ever give you credit for. You’re a special kind of stupid.

It doesn’t matter if the next president is Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders. What matters is that Donald Trump is no longer president. This nation can’t afford another four years of this.

Get over your vanity. Get over yourself. Grow up. Stop being an idiot and vote blue no matter who.

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  1. Perfect commentary Clay, having Democrats vote against their own interests and the good of ALL Americans is the height of delusional state of stupidity. It’s so Republican it gives me a migraine.

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  2. Being Canadian makes for an interesting viewpoint of American politics. Trump is a dangerous person to be a leader, there is no doubt of that. His presidency affects every person in the world. No one in their sane mind wants to see him re-elected.
    But, for the most part, we still want to see a respect for democracy. Voting against someone is not democracy. That is the first step to destroying democracy. I’ll admit, America is in a tough spot, but advocating actions such as these is no better than voting for Trump.


  3. The reason Bernie is losing to Biden in the polls right now is that Bernie’s supporters aren’t showing up to vote for him in these primaries. If you want to win, you have to show up. Now, it could be that a lot of the supporters are not registered as Democrats and they live in closed-primary states. However, they had time to change their registration. I did because I care about my country’s future and I want to help pick the right nominee for the job. Yes, it does take effort and can be annoying to stand in a long line to cast a ballot. But that’s the duty you have to perform if you want to keep your democracy intact.

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