Pray The Corona Away


Donald Trump is responding to the coronavirus and he wants us to know it’s under control and he understands the science.

This is a guy who believes climate change is a hoax created in China. He claimed raking forests prevents fires. He thought the best way to put out the Notre Dame fire was to fly water tankers and dump thousands of pounds of water on the cathedral. He asked if a hurricane could be stopped by dropping a nuke on it. He thinks HIV and HPV are the same things. He tried to change the direction of a hurricane by changing its trajectory on a map with a Sharpie. But maybe we won’t have to worry about the coronavirus because we’ll all die from windmill cancer first.

Protect us from the coronavirus? Donald Trump can’t even spell “coronavirus.”

The White House’s idea to assure the public that they have the coronavirus under control was to wheel Donald Trump into the briefing room, for just the second time of his presidency, and be the face of the response. Surprisingly, that didn’t comfort anyone.

Trump relayed a few details about the coronavirus that he had just learned, like he did when he found out Abraham Lincoln was a Republican and triad means three. He gave helpful advice on avoiding the virus, like wash your hands, avoid handrails, leave the room when someone sneezes, and don’t make out with sick people you haven’t seen in a while. Seriously.

Trump displayed how delusional he was over the virus, like when he removed blame from it for the fall on Wall Street and instead, placed on the Democratic Debate, which was the day after the stocks started falling.  That’s Donald Trump for you. Takes credit for something when it’s good and cast blame when it goes bad.

Trump tried to downplay the threat of the Coronavirus by saying it was like the flu in the way it spreads. That is true, but the Coronavirus’ fatality rate is 20 times higher than the flu’s.

Other concerns about the Trump administration’s handling of this crisis is that Donald Trump fired the pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs and didn’t replace them. He also cut the CDC’s global disease outbreak prevention efforts by 80%, which included the agency’s efforts in China. Now, he’s asking for $2.5 billion to confront the outbreak. Maybe he should take all the funding from the Defense Department since that’s where he’s raiding all the money his racist border wall vanity project from (that was supposed to be free).

To top it all off, Donald Trump then appointed Vice-President Mike Pence to lead the Coronavirus response team. Mike Pence, who once advocated funding gay-conversion therapy programs and who as governor of Indiana, slashed public health spending and delayed the introduction of needle exchanges which lead to that state’s largest outbreak of HIV, which Trump probably thought was HPV. Pence also wrote in 2000 in an Op-Ed that “smoking doesn’t kill.”

Yes, boys and girls. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are putting their combined knowledge and belief in science into protecting our nation from a coronavirus pandemic. Yes, boy and girls…we’re all going to die.

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  1. †Я☭m₽, Whoops! Excuse my poor spelling, TЯ卐m₽ announces fox now in charge of hen house. Pence and Mother, both honor graduates of the Trump University School of Medicine and Science Stuff will be leading a team comprised of acclaimed research scientists from middle schools across the lower Mississippi Delta.

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  2. Given the current stock market direction, I don’t think Trump assured them yesterday with his press conference. I guess the silver lining is we won’t hear him brag about the market being his doing for a while.

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  3. “ Other concerns about the Trump administration’s handling of this crisis is that Donald Trump fired the pandemic response team in 2018 to cut costs and didn’t replace them. ”

    If Ki45*TF had replaced them, the replacements would be loyalists who have absolutely no competence in that field, or any other field for that matter.


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