Roughing It, Volume 31

Kids! It’s time for another walk through my butcher shop and see how the meat’s made. Be careful as it can get nasty. Watch where you step.


I sent this idea to CNN and my editor really liked it. My editor’s only question was, “where are those two guys on the lower right?” It was a good question. I moved them, added a golf club and a cheeseburger, made the city Washington, and it came out like…




I told you to watch where you step. This was actually much nastier in my head. Who am I kidding? All my ideas are nastier in my head. Right now, Donald Trump and John Bolton are making out in there. Now it’s in your head too. Hope you weren’t eating.

CNNrough569I actually drew this rough months ago, and it was overtaken by other aspects of the impeachment issues. Then it came back to me and I roughed it out again because I didn’t feel like scrolling through all my files. There are nearly 600 roughs in that folder. But it turned out like…


…this. Both versions had golf clubs and cheeseburgers.


This one didn’t turn into anything.


Damn Jay Sekulow.


I drew this before that clusterfuck of a State of the Union.


If you’ve been to this website before, you know I like the word “goon.” It’s so accurate.


I kinda like this one.


I roughed this out several times and intended to make a cartoon out of it. But it was so hard that I gave up. I figured it wasn’t good enough to put that much work into it. Then, someone else did something very close.


And then, I saw this turn into a Facebook meme. Goddammit!


I didn’t do this one because I thought there’s been enough Nixon lately.


This is the argument.


This one’s turning true.


I was going to put all their conspiracy theories and various bullshit stances on their shirts, and I forgot. Don Lemon explained he was making fun of Trump and not his supporters. For the record, yes. I’m making fun of all you Trump supporters. I think you’re all a bunch of lying, treasonous, traitorous, racist, sexist, stupid, conspiracy-loving, cult-worshipping deplorable assholes.


I told you to watch where you step because it was going to get nasty. I hope you weren’t eating.

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