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Several Republican senators said they were learning new information during the impeachment arguments from the House managers. They were shocked to learn new details about Trump’s corruption. Why is this? Because they don’t want real news or bother reading anything that might contradict their dogma.

It’s terrible that Trump supporters, members of his cult, don’t deal with facts. When you point out out a fact to them, like Donald Trump stole from a charity or said a veteran is only a hero because he got captured, it’s news to them. Try telling the cult Donald Trump has told over 16,000 lies since becoming president and watch the expression on their faces while they try to compress the information. But it’s terrible when United States Senators, people who took an oath to fight for and defend this nation, refuse to hear facts. A Republican senator, Martha McSally or Sally McMartha (we’ll figure it out right after we find Ukraine on a map) screams at a CNN reporter for asking her a question, insults him by calling him a “liberal hack,” then goes straight to Laura Ingraham’s show on Fox News to talk about how terribly the media treats her by asking questions.

I saw a post last week where a cultist was defending Republican senators like Lindsey Graham who kept walking out of the hearings, by stating Democrats had walked out too. Yeah, but the argument the House managers are making isn’t new to the Democrats. As I’m watching the hearings, I’m only hearing details I already knew. Why did I already know this? Because I haven’t had my head stuck in the sand.

On Saturday, I knew everything the Republican defense was laying out, and I don’t even watch Fox News. Of course, it helped that everything they said were lies Donald Trump had already said. There weren’t any new lies.

We also learned that in the absence of electronic gadgets, some senators are playing with fidget spinners. Senator Richard Burr handed them out to his colleagues and who spent their time, instead of paying attention to the House managers, trying to figure out how the spinners worked.

Republicans don’t just naturally excel at being ignorant and uninformed. They put a lot of work into it.

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