Roughing It, Volume 29

It’s time for another trip to my butcher shop.


I thought this was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too similar to my other oath cartoon. So this turned into…


…THIS! It became a lot easier for me to live with. It’s not often you hear the use of “damn skippy” anymore.CNNrough543

Later, this turned into…




This turned into…




And this goon cartoon turned into…


…This goon cartoon!


I thought this was a lot of fun but it wasn’t quite there. So I got ambitious and it turned into…




There were several that didn’t turn into anything. This is one of those and for good reasons. It sucked. I think.


Same idea.


Oh dear lord, this one really sucks.


I almost drew this one. There’s another version of it that only lives in my head.


And this was my other goon idea. I love drawing goons. They’re ridiculous yet they exist.

Which cartoon/s was your favorite?

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