Midnight Mitch


I could be wrong as I lost count, but I think Democrats went 0-13 in votes last night/this morning.

Why are the hearings going as late as 2:00 a.m? Why the rush? Originally, Mitch McConnell, who’s acquired the nickname “Midnight Mitch” to go along with “Moscow Mitch” and “Cocaine Mitch,” ruled that the prosecution and defense only had 24 hours, to be presented in two days, for opening arguments. After some Republicans expressed concerns that the rule would make it harder for them to hide the fact they’re helping Trump engage in a coverup, McConnell gave the two sides three days instead of two. Donald Trump’s confusion was how many hours there are in a day (in case you’re a Republican, 24).

This still pushed the trial to go as late as 2:00 a.m. this morning. Keep in mind, a lot of these Senators are extremely old. They’re required to be at their desk, not engage in any conversations, and without any electronic devices. Basically, they’re all doing something in a trial over Donald Trump that Donald Trump could NEVER do.

The biggest arguments have been over witnesses. The Republicans don’t want any. For weeks, we’ve heard that four moderate Republicans may join Democrats in voting for witnesses, but from what we saw last night, that’s not going to happen.

McConnell is hoping Americans don’t pay attention because none of this helps Donald Trump. Proof of that is the fact they don’t want witnesses and Trump’s legal team engaged in spreading huge lies while never arguing for Trump’s “innocence.” Yesterday, Republicans only argued over procedure. Witnesses and documents only prove that Donald Trump is guilty. Guilty of something Republicans spent the past three years telling us was a crime (no collusion), and now are convinced that asking a foreign nation to meddle in our election isn’t a big deal.

Republicans continue to argue that Donald Trump as president (sic) has executive privilege, despite the fact he’s never exercised that during the impeachment. The only privilege Trump has are sycophantic, cowardly Republicans who place cult of personality over country.

McConnell is hoping Americans go to sleep while the trial continues. He already has Republicans sleeping on it.

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  1. Nothing but partisan authoritarian rule … no truth, no honesty, just lies, corruption and division. nothing matters anymore. Has it really ever been any different?

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