Imminent Lies


Would Donald Trump blame Meghan Markle for her and Prince Harry’s decision to leave the Royal Family? Trump? Blame a black woman for something? Duh! It’s not like it’d be the first time…or the second, or the third, or the fourth, or the…etc, etc. After all, he is afraid of strong black women. They’re “nasty.”

I expect Donald Trump to issue a public opinion about Harry and Meghan any time now. It’s something that doesn’t concern or affect him, so it’s right up his alley. Let me remind you, back in the 80’s, he openly discussed having sex with Harry’s mother and wrote in The Art of the Comeback: “I only have one regret in the women department, that I never had the opportunity to court Lady Diana Spencer.” Court? That’s how you know he used a ghostwriter. According some royal sources, Diana felt “stalked” by Trump and it was “creepy.” Yeah, we know the feeling.

He also expressed LOTS of opinions about Kate Middleton being caught by the paparazzi sunbathing in the nude. But maybe that’s acceptable because he’s also expressed several opinions about his two daughters’ bodies.

As Trump scrambles to justify his assassination of Soleimani, he builds one lie on top of another without regard to the appearance of tell-tale signs. As it’s been proven multiple times, Donald Trump is NOT a good negotiator, having been owned by people from Nancy Pelosi to Kim Jong Un to the plaintiffs in lawsuits against the Trump Foundation and Trump University. The man doesn’t have a poker face. So when Trump goes from the claim that Soleimani was targeting one American embassy…to FOUR the very next day, you know he’s making it up as he goes along. It makes you wonder why he didn’t go ahead and claim a thousand? We don’t have a thousand embassies, but who cares? He made the claim at a Trump rally. Next thing you know, Lou Dobbs would be on TV claiming we have a thousand embassies and anyone who doesn’t agree loves terrorists.

This “four embassies” claim presents two of the problems with having Donald Trump as president (sic) of the United States of America. His history of lying has destroyed any credibility the office may have given him. Even in an international crisis, friends, allies, and enemies alike are skeptical of anything Trump claims.

The other problem is that he can’t negotiate or sell. Sure, stupid people buy his shit. There’s probably a Trump shirt-wearing fucknut right now purchasing $15.00 plastic straws to sock it to snowflakes, but the mullahs of Iran may not be as gullible, stupid, or pathetic.

Trump’s own administration has refused to say if four embassies were targeted. They claim it’s classified, even though Trump has declassified it by saying it. They say the president is correct about “imminent threats,” go into a long repeat of Soleimani’s past crimes and never back up Trump on the four embassies thing. They never explicitly state Soleimani was targeting “FOUR” American embassies. There’s gotta be someone in the administration dumb and gung ho enough with a quote to repeat Trump’s claim. Where’s Kellyanne?

And, with the way Trump projects, I’m waiting to find out it was him who was targetting four American embassies.

When will we find out if Trump’s claim is true? Never. Even Iran would step first to admit they were wrong and messed up before Donald Trump ever would. Look at the airliner situation? Iran finally claimed credit last night after initially denying it.

If it was Trump, he would have blamed a black woman.

Creative note: I’ve been sitting on the Cats! joke for two weeks. Originally, it was going to be for George Soros. Then earlier this week, Trevor Noah used it for Soleimani. Damn him! But I figured after a few days had past and it’s not my punchline, that I can still use it.

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  1. “ And, with the way Trump projects, I’m waiting to find out it was him who was targetting four American embassies.”

    Actually, Suleimani was i45*’s Second Choice.
    i45* first tried to target four American embassies and blame it on the Iranians, but Giuliani wasn’t able to pull it off when he got sidetracked in Ukraine.


  2. I’m an old white guy, or just an old guy. Why refer to MarkLe as black? She doesn’t look any darker than me after the winter in the Carribean. Don’ be stooopid. James F. Selbert, Ambergris Caye

    JFS US: 303-859-9635 / Belize 501-631-2036 Sent from my iPad



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