Trump’s War


As you go off to fight in Trump’s war, keep in mind, he doesn’t respect you.

He doesn’t like people who are captured. He said that loud and clear. His supporters love to explain away his comments as jokes are as being misinterpreted, but he made a point to say John McCain is “only a war hero because he got captured” and he likes people “who aren’t captured.”

Soldiers are captured during war. If we go to war with Iran, Donald Trump will not respect American soldiers captured by Iran. If Trump doesn’t respect them, then why should Iran? Should we expect Iran to abide by the Geneva Convention in how they treat captured American soldiers when the president says they’re not war heroes?

If you are killed during Trump’s war, keep in mind, he has no respect for war dead or their surviving families. If your family has a disagreement with Trump, like over a factual statement, the President of the United States will attack your family. Donald Trump has feuded with Gold Star families. Donald Trump only cares about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump doesn’t respect American intelligence or anyone in the military. He claims he’s smarter and knows more than the generals, despite the fact he’s never served. He believes going to prep school is the same as basic training. He believes dodging gonorrhea at Studio 54 in the 80s is equivalent to dodging bullets in Vietnam. Don’t take my word for it. Take his.

Donald Trump doesn’t respect our military alliance with NATO, which has kept peace since World War II. He doesn’t respect the military’s role in the Pacific as he’s questioned why we protect Japan. He doesn’t respect the military’s role in South Korea as he’s questioned why we’re even there, floated the idea of removing all American troops, and ended joint military exercises in that nation based on empty promises by Kim Jong Un (that he’s now breaking). Keep in mind, Donald Trump doesn’t have any intelligence.

As you go off to fight in Trump’s war, keep in mind, he’s not a patriot. Keep in mind, he has ignored an attack on our nation from Russia, defended Russia, and attempted to blame others for Russia’s attack. He’s a man who refuses to criticize Russia for their attack. Keep in mind, he’s a man who’s criticized our nation when it was pointed out what a horrible person Vladimir Putin is.

As you go off to fight in Trump’s war, keep in mind, Donald Trump is an idiot.

Our young men and women will be going to war for a man who doesn’t respect them, who doesn’t plan anything through, who cheats, lies, and can’t negotiate his way out of a paper bag.  Donald Trump believes there are invisible airplanes and doesn’t understand the nuclear triad. He only recently found out plutonium goes into nuclear weapons.

As you go off to fight in Trump’s war, keep in mind, he’s already lied to members of the military. He has stood before our service people and lied to them about raises he didn’t provide.

As you go off to fight in Trump’s war, keep in mind, he’s a draft dodger. Donald Trump got four student deferments and one deferment for bone spurs, which has never prevented him from playing golf or tennis. Keep in mind, Donald Trump’s idiot sons never served in the military. As you go off and bleed, fight, and die in Donald Trump’s war, his two oldest sons will be safe at home, shooting endangered animals that are fenced in for their convenience, and making business deals off of your blood.

As you go off to fight in Donald Trump’s war, keep in mind, you’re dying for his lies. Donald Trump lies about everything, big and small. He’s literally lied about the weather. He’ll fake a weather map to lie about where a hurricane is going to hit. What makes you think he won’t lie about details in a war?  After your kid dies in battle, he won’t think twice about changing details on a map with a Sharpie to explain how your kid wasn’t supposed to be at that location.

As you put your life on the line or watch your kids put theirs, do you trust Donald Trump? Do you trust how he directs a war when he claims he knows more than the generals when he can’t out-negotiate Kim Jong Un?

As you celebrate this attack on Iran, and cheer, and praise Donald Trump, keep in mind, Americans are going to die.

As you go off to fight in Donald Trump’s war, keep in mind, Donald Trump isn’t worth it.

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