Putin’s Minions


Senator John Kennedy from Louisiana is not a stupid man. If you’ve seen him question Trump’s nominees to the judiciary, you know he’s no Cindy Hyde-Smith. But if you’ve seen him on news shows recently talking about foreign governments meddling in the 2016 presidential election, you’ll think he’s very confused.

A week ago, he went on Fox News and said Ukraine meddled in the election in favor of Hillary Clinton. The next day, he went on CNN and said he couldn’t understand the questions on Fox and he misspoke. Russia was the only nation that meddled in the election. Last week, he was stating it was Russia AND Ukraine. He said it was a “fact” that Ukraine’s former president got involved in our last election to help Hillary Clinton.

It’s not true. Sure, a lot of Ukrainian government officials weren’t in love with Donald Trump, a candidate who didn’t just express an affinity for Russian President Vladimir Putin, but also indicated he didn’t have any problem with that nation invading and taking land from Ukraine. Of course, they didn’t like Donald Trump. Not liking someone is not proof of meddling. If it was, then nearly every world leader meddled in the last election (in case you’re a Republican, it’s because most world leaders don’t like Donald Trump).

There is no proof, nothing, nada, zip, that Ukraine meddled in our last election. There are no “facts” that support Kennedy’s claim that the former President of Ukraine got involved in the presidential election. None. Every intelligence agency of the United States has stated Russia meddled in the election. At this very moment, there are court cases proceeding against Russians in this nation for meddling in our election. There are none against Ukrainians. Fact, fact, fuckity fact. And, John Kennedy knows this. He knows it well. Since Kennedy knows this, and he’s not an idiot, yet he keeps saying something that’s not true, what is the explanation?

Easy. Senator John Kennedy is a coward.

John Kennedy is afraid of Donald Trump. More to the point, he’s afraid of the Trump cult. Every Republican’s worst nightmare is that Donald Trump will send a nasty tweet their way and they’ll end up like South Carolina’s Mark Sanford. It’s why Lindsey Graham doesn’t have principles anymore. It’s why Ted Cruz is fine with Trump insulting his wife’s looks. It’s why Mitch McConnell is now Moscow Mitch. Now, we Kremlin Kennedy.

John Kennedy is a coward afraid of Trump, but his support of this idiotic conspiracy theory also aids Vladimir Putin. Putin is the creator of this conspiracy theory. There are no facts to support it which is OK for Donald Trump, but Kennedy? John Kennedy is a smart man. He shares a name with a greater man who stood up to Russia. He’s a Senator in my home state. He should be better than this. He’s telling us he’s not. He would rather serve Putin in his cowardice than represent his constituents and defend America.

America deserves better than these Vichy Republicans who will sacrifice their nation for the Trump cult. The only reason their spines don’t break from the constant bending over is that they don’t have any. Yesterday, Republicans issued a report that was over 100 pages, full of lies, exonerating Trump asking a foreign nation to meddle in our next election.

Trump asked a foreign nation to meddle in our last election (Russia, if you’re listening). Recently, he asked another to meddle in our next election. Republicans are looking at the facts that he cheated once and attempted to cheat again, and are now saying let him go ahead and play the game.

I thought the Minions in Despicable Me were cute as hell when that film first came out. After the subpar sequels, their own spinoff film, and trillions of memes and products, I hate them. They’re everywhere and it’s not cute anymore. But yet, they’re not as annoying as Putin’s Republican minions who are also everywhere.

Republicans like John Kennedy should stop being minions and be representatives serving our nation. Stop serving Putin. And trust me on this, it’s not cute and it never was.

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