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One revelation from last week’s impeachment hearings is that the ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, was talking to Donald Trump on a cell phone from a restaurant in Kyiv, Ukraine. This is potentially dangerous.

Donald Trump has never taken security seriously. He overruled the FBI in giving his idiot son-in-law, Jared Kushner, a security clearance. He did the same with his daughter, Ivanka. Those with security clearances have to go through extreme background checks that often take months. It’s very stressful and invasive. Not only can’t you lie, you also can’t make mistakes. So you can imagine there being some bitterness when Donald Trump, who couldn’t get a security clearance if his life depended on it, is handing them out like Pez to people who have lied on their applications. The only qualification his stupid kids needed for their security clearances was being related to Donald Trump.

Trump also gave away classified information to Russians in the Oval Office. What made this worse is that the intel came from an ally. It wasn’t ours to give. On top of that, he allowed the Russians to bring recording equipment into the White House while he kicked out the American press.

In the past, he’s tweeted out classified information. He revealed there are nuclear weapons in Turkey which were something our government had never admitted.

While visiting the border, an agent declined to divulge classified information about their work after Trump prodded him to.

It’s been reported that Trump is careless with his own cell phone, ignoring procedures and protocols over its use. Washington is full of spies. Even our friends spy on us. It makes you wonder how much intel they’ve gathered from Trump’s nightly phone chats with Sean Hannity.

Trump has had private meetings with Putin and Kim Jong Un without any Americans in the room, except for a translator, whom he then told to burn her notes. His first National Security Adviser was a guy who had been on Russia’s payroll.

And now, it appears he was talking to an ambassador who was on a cell phone in a nation full of spies.

You can argue it’s the ambassador’s fault. He’s the one on the cell phone. But Trump should have known. He should have taken precautions.

Why would Gordon Sondland be so careless? He’s an ambassador. He’s been trained in this, right? Probably, but he may not understand the seriousness of it to the extent a career diplomat would. Sondland’s qualification to be an ambassador is that he gave Donald Trump’s inauguration committee a million dollars.

Presidents always appoint campaign donors to ambassadorships. Obama, Clinton, both Bushes, and Reagan all did it (Reagan made Shirley Temple an ambassador). Trump’s doing it now. But with Sondland, he didn’t just make him an ambassador to some tiny nation that Trump couldn’t find on a map (OK, that’s a lot of nations), he appointed him to the European Union. That’s a very important post. On top of that Trump fuckery, he put him in charge of his Ukraine dealings to coordinate with Rudy Giuliani, who hasn’t been appointed to anything. Ukraine is NOT in the European Union.

Trump tweeted a few days ago that he has absolute power to appoint ambassadors. That’s not true. He does have the power to appoint and they serve at his pleasure. But, it’s not absolute. Ambassadors, just like judges and cabinet members, have to be confirmed by the Senate. The Republicans who control the Senate rubber stamp the majority of Trump’s stupid appointments, but there is still checks and balances. Congress, along with the courts, is an equal branch of government to the presidency. That will change if Trump is not removed and is reelected.

Donald Trump is a national security risk. He has been since day one. Make no butts about it.

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