Idiot Jumpsuit


We political cartoonists often use creative license in our work. I admit, there’s something in this cartoon I don’t believe will come true. That is, when Donald Trump does go to prison, I’m confident there will be an orange jumpsuit available for him.

Let’s get one thing clear. The talking points about Joe Biden, his son Hunter being investigated over serving on a corporate board in Ukraine, or some business about a “crowdstrike” server in that nation, are all conspiracy theories.

Ask yourself this question: What did Hunter Biden do that should be investigated? After hearing Republicans like Jim Jordan, Lindsey Graham, and Stephen Miller gaslight on news shows this weekend, that question hasn’t been answered. The one person who keeps screaming about Joe Biden hasn’t made it clear. That person is Donald Trump.

If Hunter Biden’s crime is making money from a foreign nation while his father was vice president, then why isn’t a crime for Trump and his children? This is just one of the details Republicans are deflecting attention away from.

The performances of several Republicans over the past weekend makes one thing clear and that is we’re in for a lot of gaslighting. Why are they doing this? Because the truth isn’t on their side. Donald Trump broke the law. Donald Trump is guilty and he should be impeached.

First off, it doesn’t matter what Joe or Hunter Biden did in regards to Donald Trump breaking the law. Even if these conspiracy theories were true, it doesn’t excuse what Donald Trump did. A bad guy on the other side doesn’t excuse the bad guy on your side.

Republicans were in total agreement with Democrats that collusion with a foreign government meddling in our election is bad and shouldn’t be allowed. Now, they’re OK with it. They’re also OK with a president withholding money from a foreign government until he gets help with his political campaign. They’re OK with a president threatening and intimidating witnesses.

To keep supporting Donald Trump, Republicans have to be OK that he stopped his vice president, Mike Pence, from attending the inauguration of Ukraine’s president, then withheld money that was designated to help that nation fight off Russian-supported insurgents, then told that president he wants a favor from him.

Republicans have to present an argument that there’s nothing wrong with an American president using taxpayer’s money to bribe, coerce, and pressure a foreign president to assist in his political campaign. Somehow, Republicans have to argue that it’s OK if Trump not only colludes with a foreign government assisting his campaign, but that it’s all right if he pressures them to.

They have to be cool with Trump sending Rudy Giuliani, his personal lawyer/goon, to Ukraine to dredge up conspiracy theories. They also have to be cool with Trump telling Ukraine’s president to talk to Giuliani and…get this…the United States attorney general. Why is the attorney general on board with cooperating with a foreign government in digging up debunked allegations and conspiracy theories about Donald Trump’s political opponent? Whatever that reason is, I’m sure Republicans are cool with it.

Republicans also have to be fine with Trump hiding records of the phone call in a secure server that’s normally designated for national intelligence. There’s nothing in regards to the national defense of Donald Trump congratulating a foreign president on his election victory. There are reports the same server is also hiding Trump’s phone calls with Putin and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince. Republican congressman Jim Jordan told Jake Tapper yesterday that Trump was justified in hiding records of those calls in that super-secret server since other calls between him and foreign leaders were leaked. If that’s the case, then why aren’t all his conversations stored in that server?

Finally, they have to be chill with Trump threatening witnesses and whistleblowers. Trump is saying he wants to confront the whistleblower and he’s accusing anyone else involved of treason. He’s even calling those doing the investigating, like congressman Adam Schiff, of treason.

Basically, Republicans have to think it’s no biggie that a president is acting like a dictator. They have to believe that anyone who says the “emperor has no clothes” is attacking the United States of America.

I want Republicans to give us a list today of what’s right and wrong so we can hold them accountable tomorrow. Because tomorrow, there’s going to be some new shit revealed that will contradict everything they’re saying today. At some point, I expect to see Jim Jordan and Lindsey Graham defending dead hookers in car trunks. There is no limit to what they will gaslight. There’s no limit to what they’ll change their positions on depending on what laws Donald Trump breaks tomorrow. By the time this week is over, what new crimes will we be aware of? Does anything actually matter anymore other than protecting Donald Trump?

Republicans are fine with all of this. I just hope they’re fine with Donald Trump going to prison. I know I will be.

I don’t care if Donald Trump is naked or fully clothed when he’s in prison, just as long as he’s in prison.

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  1. Andréa is right about Trump’s projection defense.
    He’s not just threatening the whistleblower, other witnesses and Congress, though. He’s also retweeting some follower’s prediction that if he’s removed from office, “it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.”
    Only if you let it, Donald. And if you had taken your oath of office at all seriously, you’d do everything in your power to prevent it.
    Fat chance, huh?

    Liked by 6 people

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