Trump’s Joker


There’s no better example everything Trump touches turns to crap than Rudy Giuliani. Do you remember when this guy was “America’s mayor”?

After 9/11, Rudy was one of the most admired people in the nation. This country rallied around him. Now, it’s like the Trump administration needed a raving, bat-shit crazy lunatic to defend the administration on cable news and Sarah Palin wasn’t available. What happened to Rudy?

Rudy was a prosecutor and a damn good one. So how does this guy go from that to a clown screaming that collusion isn’t collusion, obstruction isn’t obstruction, facts aren’t facts, and inviting a foreign nation to meddle in our next election? He used to know the law, right? Is the problem that these people are so arrogant that they think no matter what they do, it’s legal, as long as they’re the ones doing it?

If Joe Biden was asking a foreign leader to provide dirt on Donald Trump, Rudy would be the first guy on the airwaves screaming for his arrest.

Rudy gave an interview to The Atlantic and said, “It is impossible that the whistleblower is a hero and I’m not. And I will be the hero! These morons…when this is over, I will be the hero.” That, ladies and gentlemen, is what delusion looks like.

Then, Rudy said, “I’m not acting as a lawyer. I’m acting as someone who has devoted most of his life to straightening out government. Anything I did should be praised.”

You know who’s not praising Rudy? The State Department. Five officials, current or former State Department employees, are scheduled for depositions in the House Foreign Affairs, Intelligence, and Oversight Committee. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been subpoenaed for Ukraine-related documents. U.S. Special Envoy to Ukraine, Kurt Volker, resigned less than 24 hours after his texts were read on Fox News by Rudy. Good job, Rudy.

Giuliani was waving his phone on Fox News, sharing a private text with an employee of the State Department, and promising there was more on his phone. That means Rudy’s phone will soon be evidence and he better not delete anything off it. I think he’s too arrogant to do that.

The State Department is attempting to distance itself from Rudy and saying he operated as Trump’s private lawyer. But that’s a hard argument when Rudy is sharing texts between himself and an envoy where they’re discussing Ukraine. Rudy claims he’s Trump’s private lawyer while also boasting that the State Department requested him to skulk around in Ukraine.

So, Rudy. Which is it? Are you a private lawyer for Trump or are you representing the U.S. government? You’ve stated you’re Trump’s private lawyer, then stated you’re “not acting as a lawyer,” and stated that you’re helping the State Department. Again, which is it? I know, it’s hard when you’re stating you never asked about Joe Biden in Ukraine then 30 seconds later stating that you did. Consistency is hard. Apparently, so is honesty.

If Rudy’s acting as Trump’s private lawyer, then that means he was working in Trump’s private interest, not the government’s. That means he was seeking information from a foreign government to help Trump’s reelection. Why would a private lawyer be representing our government? Then, Rudy says he has attorney-client privilege with Trump. But not if you’re “not acting as a lawyer” or if you’re working on behalf of the State Department. Which is it, Rudy? Also, Rudy shouldn’t have attorney-client privilege when he’s working as Trump’s goon and co-conspirator.

On top of all this, everything Rudy has been doing in Ukraine and screaming about on TV has been about unproven or debunked conspiracy theories.

I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think I have to be one to see that if it’s illegal for Hunter Biden to take money from a foreign government, then it’s also illegal for Trump and his kids to take money from a foreign government. I know that if it’s illegal for Biden to offer a quid pro quo to Ukraine, then it’s also illegal for Trump to do it (but Biden didn’t do that and Trump did).

And the fact Trump is president is the quid pro quo. Do you think the president of Ukraine would be wanting to help him dig up conspiracy theories on Joe Biden or even taking his calls if Trump was just an asshole with a fake university who steals from charities (also illegal, Rudy)?

Hey, Rudy. You have a law degree so tell me this: Is it illegal for an American citizen to offer a bribe to a foreign government official? It is which means that when Donald Trump, as a private citizen when he was a presidential candidate, offered Vladimir Putin a free penthouse for allowing a Trump Tower in Moscow, he was breaking the law.

Rudy said, “I’m acting as someone who has devoted most of his life to straightening out government.” Yeah, but you haven’t looked into the Moscow Trump Tower thing, have you? No, but you’ve gone after conspiracy theories in Ukraine. Good job rooting out corruption, Rudy. Who knew that Giuliani was so passionate about corruption in Ukraine?

Yesterday, I made a prediction that Trump will set a record for most members of one administration going to prison. Rudy isn’t an official member of the administration, and I’m not going to predict he’ll actually go to prison, but I’ll make a wager he gets indicted. Rudy shouldn’t be putting his ass on the line for Trump. He shouldn’t be digging up conspiracy theories in Ukraine, babbling incoherently on cable news, calling Chris Cuomo a “sellout” or the media the “swamp press.” Rudy should be happily retired, screaming at squirrels in Central Park.

I’m pretty sure Mike Pompeo wouldn’t mind if Rudy goes to prison. Maybe they’ll share a cell.

Rudy thinks he’s the hero. That’s similar to the Dunning-Kruger effect which is where a dumbass doesn’t know he’s a dumbass, which is really contagious at Trump rallies. A lot of racists, like Donald Trump, don’t know they’re racists. And even while engaging in villainy, Rudy doesn’t know he’s the villain.

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  1. For once I disagree with you. Rudy knows he is a villain but believes the American public is too stupid to recognize that fact and will buy into whatever bullshit he spews on TЯ卐m₽’z behalf. I’m not sure he has miscalculated the ignorance of America. The question becomes, can the Congress convince a chunk of the 49% that are, for now, not sure.

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  2. Guiliani is undermining Trump at every turn, though he doesn’t seem to know it. He has convinced Trump he is on his side, but everytime he opens his mouth he double-talks. Listen closely, and you will see what I mean.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. “That means Rudy’s phone will soon be evidence and he better not delete anything off it. I think he’s too arrogant to do that.”

    Actually, since Rudy “never makes a mistake”, he never bothered to learn how to delete anything off of anything.

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