Why Are You Here?


The White House, Trump Campaign and Organization has always presented Ivanka Trump as the voice of reason within the Trump Family. She comes off soft-spoken and eloquent without engaging in tirades like her imbecilic father. She doesn’t send out racist tweets like her brother Don Jr. She’s not the stupid one like Eric. I don’t buy any of it. She might be the worst one from the family that would creep out the Addams family. Everything you need to know about Ivanka Trump you can take from the fact she accepted a position in the White House. Working in a presidential administration, even one headed by Putin’s puppet, reveals Ivanka’s arrogance.

Ivanka has always been obtuse and arrogant. She’s never had a position based upon qualifications. What qualified her to be an executive in a real estate company, even a grifting, charity-stealing corporation that was built on loans and inheritance from her grandfather? Was her qualification that she’s experienced living in a building? What qualified her to design clothes and have her own fashion line? Her experience wearing clothes? What makes her an expert on women empowerment for the White House? The fact she’s a woman? We know she’s a woman because Donald Trump has talked about dating her.

On a side note; sending Ivanka to a side-meeting at the G20 on women empowerment tells the rest of the attendees it’s not a subject this administration takes seriously.

The Princess of Nepotism who was gifted a security clearance and once said without a trace of irony, “I don’t think most Americans, in their heart, want to be given something,” made the G20 awkward for world leaders. Perhaps you can get a whiff of her self-delusion from the photo of her sticking her face between her daddy and the prime minister of Japan. What was the subject that required her input? Handbags? Or maybe you can detect her delusional self-confidence from the video the French government released of her chiming in during a discussion between British prime minister Theresa May, International Monetary Fund managing director Christine Legarde, French president Emmanuel Macron, and Canadian prime minister Justine Trudeau, who she was probably just stalking. It’s like someone laughing too loud at a joke they don’t get. But the joke at the G20 was Ivanka, which was evidenced by the impatient side-eye Legarde gave her. The joke in Washington is that she and her husband, believe they belong in shaping policy. Another joke was when Donald Trump promised to hire the “best people.”

Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez pointed out the astute fact the White House doesn’t understand, that “being someone’s daughter isn’t a career qualification.”

The White House issued a statement attacking her critics and calling them “absolutely pathetic.” Here’s the thing that’s pathetic; if she wasn’t the president’s daughter, the White House wouldn’t be issuing a statement (in which they also said she’s “created millions of jobs”).

From posing from the windows in Buckingham Palace (in order that everybody saw her), to attending summits, sitting at the big tables, sticking her pretty head between world leaders, to skipping across the DMZ while the national security adviser was in Mongolia shoring up our strategic alliance with nomadic goat herders, Ivanka is everywhere she’s not supposed to be.

After Ivanka returned from her foray in the DPRK, she described it as “surreal.” A former ambassador to South Korea, Christopher Hill, called her presence “increasingly problematic” and that it gives the impression that we have a “constitutional monarchy.” Hill also said, “It says to our allies, to everyone we do business with, that the only people who matter are Trump and his family members.”

The actual importance of Ivanka’s presence at these summits was revealed by an unnamed Indian diplomat who insulted her. His comments explain why he was quoted anonymously. He said, “We regard Ivanka Trump as a half-wit Saudi princes. It’s in our national interest to flatter them.”

Ivanka Trump is being flattered and patronized and she’s clueless about it, just like her father. Nobody wants her there except her daddy. Fighting the temptation to roll your eyes while telling Ivanka, “Of course people respect your input here” would be like trying not to blink when you sneeze. You might crack your skull.

Ivanka needs to stop pretending she belongs in Washington or in any government service. She should go back home and pretend to do whatever it was she used to pretend she did there. She needs to take her trust-fund baby husband with her.

We know why Ivanka’s daddy is here. Russia installed him into the presidency. But, Ivanka, why are you here?

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  1. Justine Trudeau! Was there a surgery that slipped past my radar?

    JK Clay.

    P.S. – You’re welcome. I’m always happy to alert others of their errors. But don’t you ever alert me of mine! That’s the one thing I have in common with tRump! Son of Just Kidding.

    Happy Independence Day to you and all of your fans! DC

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I see that you fixed the error. But you gave me no credit! I need to be coddled, you know, like the orange overlord does. (Screaming “Acknowledge me!” while stomping uncontrollably in the background.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wait a second, sorry. I just realised that Acknowledge is way too big of a word for TRump. My mistake.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Good advice randumbthoughts! I believe that I will take heed. Happy 4th to you and your loved ones. DC

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Much as I disliked Margaret ‘Iron Lady’ Thatcher and her policies, I think she’d have made short work of both trumps . . . I’d’ve loved to have seen or heard THAT.

    Liked by 3 people

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