I can’t imagine Donald Trump being a hands-on father. I’m fairly confident the guy never did a 2:00 am feeding or changed a diaper in his life. He probably didn’t even know where the diapers were kept in his penthouse, other than the ones he has to wear himself. I definitely can’t see him playing catch with any of his kids. But maybe, if he and Jr go to prison together, they can form a little bonding time in the year.

Sometimes I wonder how Trump’s staff can’t prevent him from embarrassing himself, like when he publicly displays his lack of comprehension. Whoever read the Mueller Report to him didn’t do a good job of making him understand it.

After Donald Trump Jr was subpoenaed last week by the Senate Intelligence Committee, Trump griped to the media the unfairness of it all. He said the Mueller Report exonerated Trump Jr. It did not. In case you’re keeping score at home, Jr refused to give an interview to Mueller’s team. For some reason, they didn’t subpoena him.

While arguing the “exoneration” of Trump Jr, Daddy Trump referred to the report as “the Bible.” Again, he didn’t read the report as it contradicts not just Jr’s public statements about the Trump Tower meeting and having business interests in Russia, it contradicts his previous Senate testimony. In case you’re a Republican, that’s perjury. That can land Jr in prison. If the Mueller Report is “the Bible,” then Trumpy Jr should be going to prison.

Trump also argued that Jr shouldn’t testify again because he had already done so before the committee in private. That’s why he needs to testify again, because that first testimony was contradicted by the Mueller Report, you know, “the Bible.”

Donald Trump is an idiot and he passed it on to his idiot son.

Creative note: This cartoon may be too subtle. But, two out of the three people who saw it in its rough form really liked it, so I went with it. Sorry for the late Saturday cartoon, but I was doing stuff this morning, like sleeping.

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  1. I think we all agree that it takes a really special kind of “businessman” to hear the words “we cannot exonerate” from Mueller’s report and actually think that means, “See? Mueller says I’m totally innocent.”

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  2. It’s all OPINION. You may interpret it as fact but in truth, it is not. That’s ok because without your dependence on the fantasy you would starve to death………….Hmmmm.


  3. “In case you’re a Republican, that’s perjury.”

    In case you’re a Republican, Perjury is Lying Under Oath.

    In case you’re a Republican, an Oath is a solemn promise, often invoking a divine witness, regarding one’s future action or behavior, such as Telling The Truth.

    In case you’re a Republican, Lying is the only way you can communicate to the world outside your head.

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