I Get Snitty For CNN


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I wrote about this the other day so I don’t think I need to do it again. I went down the same path with my last cartoon on Barr. Instead, I’ll talk about creating it.

I asked CNN to be flexible weeks ago regarding the Thursday the Herblock ceremony fell on. I kept reminding them each week. We can go pretty late on Thursdays. I wasn’t able to do that last week.

Normally, I wait for them to be ready to work and I don’t contact them at all. last Thursday, I opened the conversation and got the ball rolling. I knew they’d want to do something on William Barr, snitty, and him being a no-show.

My hotel room wasn’t ready yet but I was there. The building the hotel is in also holds a common area for Georgetown University, the campus bookstore, and several dining establishments including a Starbucks. It also has horrible WiFi.

I started drawing at Starbucks which was great because I have several gift cards. I had one mocha, one coffee, and a bottle of water. At some point, I needed to pace around and I knew I would lose my awesome seat as the place was crowded. This Starbucks had a constant line. It was always long.

I moved over to the common area and the WiFi there was a little better. It was kinda cool to work in a busy environment where everyone around me was working on their laptops. Usually, when I draw in public, people look at me and often initiate a conversation. I don’t think anyone noticed me at Georgetown. Since the hotel and university are connected to the hospital, there were a lot of their employees around too. So, I wasn’t the only older guy there.

I got my idea approved by CNN around 2:00 pm and then I was notified that my room was ready. Then my friend Amanda arrived, who I had not seen in a few years. The cool part about having my idea approved is that the hard part was over. I didn’t have to think anymore. I could focus on preparing for the award ceremony.

I drew the cartoon Friday morning and completed it five minutes before I was due to check out. I had a lunch planned with the Herblock people, the winner Matt Davies and his wife Lucy, and Politico’s Matt Wuerker at the National Press Club. I told CNN that I was leaving my hotel but if there were any changes they wanted, to just let me know as there is a Starbucks about every seven feet in Washington.

I’ve been drawing on my Surface Pro for three years now and this is the first time I’ve taken it out of town and done work on it…which is one reason for it. It was kinda cool to pretend to be important because I had deadlines while being in Washington.

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