Sell Crazy Someplace Else


In 1939, the SS St. Louis, a German ocean liner carrying around 900 Jews was turned away by the United States because they didn’t have the proper paperwork. They were forced to return to Europe where half the passengers were murdered during the Holocaust. You could say that America was arguing it was full.

Last weekend, Donald Trump stood before the Republican Jewish Coalition in Las Vegas and continued his war against immigration and amnesty. He told the Jewish Republicans, “Our country is full, can’t come. I’m sorry.”

Trump made the argument during his visit to the border on Friday, then repeated it Saturday, and then again on Sunday. Somehow, Stephen Miller must have gotten the terminology stuck in his head. The comments were celebrated by the white nationalist movement in Germany. They argued that their country is full too.

In 1939, Germans who believed their country was “full” followed Adolph Hitler. Today, racist Germans believing their country is full follow Donald Trump. “Our country is full” is fascist talk.

John Connelly, a historian of modern Europe at the University of California at Berkeley, said in an interview with The Washington Post, “The echoes do indeed remind one of the Nazi period, unfortunately. The exact phrasing may be different, but the spirit is very similar. The concern about an ethnic, national people not having proper space — this is something you could definitely describe as parallel to the 1930s.” Leave it to Donald Trump to go before a Jewish group and talk like a Nazi.

And, yeah. I know we’re not supposed to compare today’s Republicans to Nazis because the Nazis were truly horrible and terrible people who did atrocious things. But, it’s really hard not to compare Republicans to Nazis when they talk like Nazis.

Trump has argued in the past that he wants legal immigration and to bring in the most talented. The argument he made last weekend goes against that. Though, when he argues for legal immigration and bringing in the most talented, he’s talking about white people. When he argues “America is full,” he’s talking about brown people. You know, people from “shithole countries.”

America is not just the United States. America extends from Canada to Chile and Argentina (look it up, Republicans). America is not full and neither is the United States. When people are in trouble, our nation should help them when it can…and right now, we can. We shouldn’t demonize them, rip their families apart, throw their babies in jail and lose track of them, all because it feeds a xenophobic base.

According to inside sources, Trump is becoming “unhinged” over immigration. Yesterday, Trump fired Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen after Stephen Miller made the case to can her. Those same sources claim Miller is gunning for the heads of additional DHS officials. Trump and Miller won’t be satisfied until everyone at DHS is goosestepping.

By the way, if there’s a plaque with Donald Trump’s name on it on a newly constructed section of the border wall that was appropriated BEFORE he came into office…then his proposed wall is nothing more than a vanity project. Why does his name have to be on it? What’s next? Putting a plaque bearing his name on the Hoover Dam?

In the film, As Good as it Gets, Jack Nicholson (he was being a jerk) told a woman, “Go sell crazy someplace else. We’re all stocked up here.” The Trump base is full of nuts, crazies, paranoids, racist, deplorables, and the very worst of America…all of the Americas. They are full up but if you wanna sell crazy there, they’re still buying.

Be Complicit

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  1. Another great toon and intelligent post to back it up! I loved the way that you used all the space to make one heckova collection of statements. If there’s one thing positive that has come out of this current horseshit administration, it might be the talent that you have for tooning and truthful commenting about it. Thanks again Clay. The guy formerly known here as AZ/DC.

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  2. Why can’t I log out of this account? I explored all sorts of options and I get nothing. What a load!


    1. Anytime! person with a big crybaby name. THEY will not LET me use the username of my choice, that’s weak… you’re weak, stop being a victim that needs to be allowed to do something. That’s the most infantile attitude.


      1. Cool! Anytime? Great! Tell me, where is the dislike option? Oh, you’re sitting on it? And it’s firmly lodged in your ass? Uh, well, just…just keep it then. Sorry to bother you. I understand that you probably have at least 50 other places to troll before the day ends. I won’t bother to waste your precious time anymore. Enjoy your never ending suppository!

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  3. My parents said the only reason Jews were saved is that we had no choice. Daddy said, “It was no big deal about Hitler. He was getting rid of the jews.” I am ashamed of this.

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  4. Now would be a great time for some in the current administration to embark on a fact finding ( I know, that’s an administration oxymoron ) tour of Central America….all of it. Maybe even send Trumputinov himself so he can see first hand how much he is loved worldwide.

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  5. America is not full. Trump is full of it and always has been. He’s twenty pounds of bullshit in a five-pound sack.

    Love the cartoon. So far I’ve found the banjo player, Kelly-anne Conway, Kim Jung Un, and six other people who aren’t screaming. No Waldo yet. And definitely no non-white people, except for Kim. Oh, wait– there’s one in the bottom left corner with a Kanye cap on!

    Wondering what the banjo player is on, since he’s the only one in the whole cartoon who’s smiling. Does playing the banjo make you feel that good, or does it drown out Trump and the other screamers?

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