Cuckoo For Cheeto Puffs


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Trump is messed up in the head, and last week he demonstrated it more than usual.

Donald Trump doesn’t like the way votes are counted. The reality is, he doesn’t like the way people are voting. In two national elections, a majority of Americans rejected him both times.

He claims his father was born in Germany. He’s made this claim multiple times. His father was born in New York City. His grandfather was born in Germany and that was something they lied about decades ago.

Trump made the claim that noise from windmills cause cancer. Seriously. If listening to Nickelback doesn’t kill you then you’ll probably survive the noise from a windmill. Are windmills even noisy?

Trump wants to know where the oranges of investigations are. Oranges. He meant “origins,” but me thinks all that orange on his skin is sinking into his brain.

Finally, Trump told his supporters they need to be more paranoid. Trust me. They’re paranoid enough.

Cuckoo can’t compete with Trump.

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  1. By insisting that his father was born in Germany, perhaps he is subconsciously confirming that his grandfather did indeed fuck his mother resulting in the failed abortion that is now our president. That would also place him one step closer to Hitler which will undoubtedly enhance his standing with all of the fine Nazis he so admires and depends on for support. Speaking of Depends……

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