Georgia Heartbeats


Ever since the Supreme Court case Roe v Wade made abortion legal in 1973, wingnuts have been doing everything they can to turn the clock back to 1873.

Kentucky and Mississippi have recently passed six-week abortion bans. Republican lawmakers in Tennessee, South Carolina, Ohio, and Florida are considering similar bills. Instead of mandating no abortions after six weeks, Georgian troglodytes have passed a ban outlawing abortion if a heartbeat can be detected. They’re calling it the “fetal heartbeat” bill.

The governor, who recently won election after he removed thousands of black Georgians off the voter rolls and oversaw the election from his position as Secretary of State, will sign the bill after the legislative session ends, which is today. The law will take effect in 2020.

The exceptions to the law are cases that involve rape or incest on the condition that a police report is filed. There is also an exception when a doctor determines the pregnancy would cause death or bodily harm to the mother or the fetus would not be able to live after birth.

The law will be challenged in court by the ACLU, and celebrities along with the Writers Guild of America are encouraging Hollywood to cease all productions in the state, such as The Walking Dead. There’s a joke in there somewhere. Georgia had 455 TV or film productions shot in the state in 2018, representing $2.7 billion in direct spending.

This law will become one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the nation as a heartbeat can often be detected as early as six weeks, which is often earlier than many women even know they’re pregnant. For now, abortion is legal in Georgia within the first 20 weeks. And, if the woman is pregnant from rape, it puts additional pressure on her to file a police report. The next step will be a law mandating that the raped, pregnant woman wear a scarlet letter.

The AP reports that the measure was approved by 92 votes, just one vote more than the majority needed to pass out of the 180-member House. Republicans don’t care about having a consensus when it comes to abortion. They don’t really care about anything when it comes to the issue as long as they can ban it and force their fundamental religious beliefs on the rest of the nation.

They don’t care that they stole a Supreme Court seat in their effort to ban it. They don’t care that they had to change the rules of Senate confirmation for SCOTUS justices because Donald Trump isn’t going to nominate consensus candidates. They don’t care that they put an accused sexual abuser on the court. They don’t care that they have to sacrifice their ethics and morals for Trump in order to ban abortion. They don’t care about facts as they still use the debunked “gotcha” videos from Project Veritas that attempted to frame Planned Parenthood for selling aborted baby body parts. They don’t care that a terrorist shot up a Planned Parenthood clinic, killing three people based on the Project Veritas hoax. They don’t care that this will increase the maternal mortality rates in Georgia, where it’s already one of the worst in the country.

They also don’t care about the actual babies because after they’re born, they do everything in their power to deny them welfare, school lunches, medication, health insurance, education, etc. They only care about their religious morality, when it fits, and legislating what women can do with their bodies.

If men could give birth then abortion would have been the very first Amendment in our Constitution…unless Viagra had been invented at that time, then maybe the second. Today, this nation wouldn’t have a “pro-choice” movement. People would be shot for merely suggesting a man carry a child to term. Abortion protesters would be banned from clinics. Nobody would be bombing or shooting clinics. The first abortion doctor would be on Mt. Rushmore and replace Lincoln on the five dollar bill. Sure, Lincoln freed the slaves, but Doctor Everythingsgonnabealright got me out of shooting a six-pound human out of my pee hole. “You detected a heartbeat?” Are you insane?

If men could give birth, no woman would be allowed to legislate abortion. go legislate your own nether regions.

Republicans believe abortion shouldn’t be performed if a heartbeat is detected. I have a similar belief. Abortion should not be legislated or decided by anyone who doesn’t have a uterus.

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  1. ‘Abortion should not be legislated or decided by anyone who doesn’t have a uterus.’

    EXACTLY . . . why are there SO MANY male anti-choicers? In fact, probably a majority . . . are they SO AFRAID of women?

    Liked by 4 people

    1. I wager most of those anti-choicer men grew up with religions that see women more like property than people. The beliefs of religious institutions should have no say in crafting government policy.

      Liked by 3 people

  2. This morning (4/2), we were solicited (at home) by two ladies who asked me “to join them in celebrating the death of Jesus”. Of course, the Savannah Bird Girl fountain was making a lot of noise, and five of our six dogs were barking their fool heads off.

    “Who?” I asked.

    “JESUS!” the lady yelled, waving a picture at me.

    “Oh, THAT mythological person. I don’t subscribe to that superstition,” I yelled back and closed my office slider.

    The look on their faces was precious. And Hubby reminded me afterwards that they were soliciting (for a church, a religion, a god) in a non-soliciting subdivision, but by then they’d gone to god-bother someone else.

    Five minutes later, the rain bucketed down and they were back in their car. I GUESS their god didn’t want them to be soliciting here!

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  3. The GOP also doesn’t care that their “governor” of Georgia stole the election by deciding who got to vote, and throwing out just enough voters to give him the “win.” In a decently-run state or country, the person holding the office that runs the election would not be allowed to run IN the election. The UN gets upset when they do that in Third World countries. Stacey Abrams should be Georgia’s governor, just as Merrick Garland should be on the Supreme Court.

    As for abortion, they’re using the 19th century standard of life being determined by whether the heart is beating. Modern medicine uses brain activity, and by that standard a fetus is not viable until much later. But these people rarely pay attention to anything past the 1950s, if not the 1850s.

    Can’t find original quote to give credit, so maybe I’m rephrasing it: “Men can make abortion policy when mermaids make shoes.”

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