A Nobel Meltdown


When Donald Trump boasted about Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sending him a copy of a five-page letter nominating him for a Nobel Peace Prize, my first thought was; five pages explaining why Donald Trump deserves a prize for peace? It takes a lot of bullshit to fill five pages.

There are several things to take from this. First off, the Trump administration asked Abe to nominate Trump, which would totally devalue the award if Trump…HAHAHAHA…was to actually win it. Why would Abe do this? Because he’s appealing to Trump’s vanity in exchange for favorable treatment in trade negotiations and…nobody was supposed to find out for fifty years. The Nobel Committee has a rule that nominations are sealed for half a century (if you’re a Republican, that’s half of 100). The public wasn’t supposed to find out until Trump and Abe were long gone. Unfortunately for Abe, Trump has a huge, loud, gigantic of epic proportions pie hole.

Now, because of his big mouth and vanity, Trump has violated the process for the Nobel Peace Prize and he’s betrayed Abe’s trust. In addition, Shinzo is coming off as a Trump lickspittle in his home country. Trump toadies are not respected. Case in point, Mike Pence.

Nobody, well, no rational person wants to be seen as a suck-up for an international dumbass.

Trump exhibits his stupidity on a daily basis, most recently when he accused Saturday Night live of collusion because Alec Baldwin did another impression of him. Who is Saturday Night Live colluding with? Does Trump think the “Deep State” are writing their jokes?

Trump also asked, “why do Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution?” I don’t know why he capitalized “networks,” but what he did here was suggest that there be retribution. He also said, “Very unfair and should be looked into.” How exactly should it be looked into? Are we to do away with the First Amendment? As we have already learned, Trump isn’t a fan of the Constitution and he doesn’t know anything. Earlier today, he demonstrated he doesn’t know the difference between cities and states.

I think the Nobel Committee should award the Peace Prize to Alec Baldwin just for the epic meltdown we’ll get to witness from Trump. I don’t think even SNL could write a skit that would be more entertaining.

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  1. You made my day Mr. Jones. The perfect editorial cartoon. I feel certain that no other cartoonist thought to tie so many current lunatic acts surrounding the Big Cheeto, together, as you have done today. It’s a good thing I had already swallowed my slug of coffee before opening your email.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. “RAAARGH!!!”
    “TRUMP ANGRY!!!”

    Sounds like The Hulk.
    But shouldn’t 45* be GREEN?
    Or maybe a Really Intense Shade Of ORANGE?

    Taking a second look, The Hair does appear to have a Greenish Tinge.

    But I could be wrong, since I do have a mild form of Color Blindness. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

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