Trump Tax Scam


If you voted for Donald Trump and you’re paying more in taxes this year than you did under Obama, it’s because you voted for Donald Trump. Welcome to MAGA.

Donald Trump’s biggest achievement in the two years since he started destroying America was giving himself a massive tax cut. It wasn’t a wall on our southern border paid for by Mexico. It wasn’t repealing Obamacare. It wasn’t even “locking her up.” It was giving himself a tax cut.

Trump claimed that the tax cut wouldn’t benefit him at all. Of course, like all things Trump has ever said, that was a lie. We knew it was a lie when he said it but that didn’t stop him from repeating it again and again. It didn’t stop Trump sycophants from saying “it won’t benefit him because he said so.” Tax experts estimate that Trump will personally save $15 million a year from these tax cuts. Jared Kushner will save around $12 million. Several members of his cabinet are expected to save $4.5 million each, including Betsy DeVos, Linda McMahon, Steve Baby Fishmouth Mnuchin, and Wilbur Ross, all rich assholes.

When I mentioned tax experts, I wasn’t talking about Ivanka Trump. When the tax legislation was being debated in late 2017, Ivanka went out and told everyone how they’ll see the gains in April 2018 and also be able to file their taxes on a postcard.

Ivanka Trump, Daddy’s little princess, has obviously never ever, ever, ever filed her own taxes in her entire ain’t-you-special sweet little life. You don’t need to be a tax expert to know that the taxes you file are for the previous year. Hence, 2018 filings would be for 2017. The tax cuts for assholes bill passed in December 2017 (in case you’re a Republican, December is the last month of the year. It’s when you’re hearing all that Christmas music and eating all that ham). That means none of it would affect you until 2018. Thus, if you’re a Trump supporter, you won’t be horrified until you start filing in 2019, and most likely NOT on a postcard.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, horrified is exactly how many Trump supporters are reacting. Many have already filed their taxes to discover they’re actually paying back now when under Obama, they got refunds. My own horror won’t happen until April 14th, because I procrastinate with everything.

The thing is the Republicans removed a lot of deductions, like for state and local taxes for people like you and me. Why? Because they don’t care about people like you and me. If you’re a Trump supporter, you’re probably not a rich asshole. You’re just a regular asshole…who’s going to be paying more in taxes now.

A lot of MAGA hat shitheads went on Twitter to express their dismay and outrage. Who could have predicted that voting for a rich, selfish, narcissistic asshole would only work out for rich, selfish, narcissistic assholes? For Trump to win them back, he’s going to have to do something extra racist. How about a talking border wall that screams racial epithets? “Well, I’m paying $4,000 more in taxes now, but the wall’s gonna scream ‘beaner,’ so I’m good. Trump 2020!”

In case racial insults don’t make the pain go away from paying these taxes, there are always payday loans, which Trump and the Republican Congress also removed restrictions from, so predatory lending can be even easier now.

In 2009 during his State of the Union address, President Obama was talking about healthcare reform and that it wouldn’t insure people in the nation illegally. It was kinda stupid that he even had to debunk a ridiculous right-wing rumor. Nevertheless, Republican Joe Wilson shouted, “You lie!” Of course, the only liar was Joe Wilson, who is still in Congress…lying about shit.

That’s exactly how Republicans are. They scream “liar” at the guy telling the truth and trying to help Americans and applaud and worship the lying fucker who’s fucking them over.

That’s MAGA.

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  1. Your “because he said so” remark reminded me of the Republican response to Nixon’s “I am not a crook” speech. The best response to that lie was from a Canadian DJ the day after. Max Ferguson was the only one to notice the speech was made a Disney World. A skilled mimic, he had a satiric comment on the day’s news during his show. “Yesterday, at Disney World, Nixon said he was not a crook.” [When you Wish Upon a Star plays softly in the background.] “Ms Wood” [long before the 18.5 minute gap in the tape, they researched her name], “I would liked to try this for emphasis.” He says the denial several times,emphasizing a different word each time, and a high pitched voice comes over it saying “It’s getting longer, it’s getting longer.”

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  2. “The thing is the Republicans removed a lot of deductions, like for state and local taxes for people like you and me. Why? Because they don’t care about people like you and me.”

    My comment to this line is an updated and enhanced Golden Oldie Comment that I posted last year:

    This is just part of The GOP Long Range Plan To Punish The Blue States For Not Voting For 45*.
    The GOP Tax Deform Act Restricts Federal Income Tax Deductions of State and Local Taxes (including Income and Property Taxes), hurting Blue States which on average have Higher Tax Rates than Red States, because Red States don’t do Expensive things like Expanding Medicaid, Supporting a High Quality Education System, Maintaining Safe and Efficient Infrastructures like Roads, Water, etc., or Running an Ethical and Effective Law Enforcement Operation.

    Likewise the GOP Promotion Of Global Warming also hits Blue State Vulnerabilities.

    It exacerbates California’s Natural Weather Cycle of Drought, Fire, Rain, and Mudslide (jury’s still out on Earthquake, but who knows whether Rising Temperatures and Sea Levels might somehow “Grease The Tectonic Skids”).

    Likewise, Rising Sea Levels will hurt The Coastal Blue States (Most, though not All, Blue States are Coastal).

    For example, Maryland My Maryland will be hurt when The Chesapeake Bay is converted into The Chesapeake Gulf (or maybe The Gulf Of Maryland) and The DelMarVa Peninsula (tough luck Delaware, not so much Virginia), including The Eastern Shore, is obliterated.
    As partial compensation, Maryland will gain The Potomac Bay. Unlike most Border Rivers, where the Border runs down the Middle Of The River, the
    MD-VA State Line runs along the Virginia Shore Of The Potomac River. Therefore Maryland’s gain will be Virginia’s loss (tough luck Virginia).
    I hear there are plans to erect, in the middle of the Potomac Bay, Arizona (Pearl Harbor) Style Monuments above the submerged White House, Capitol, Supreme Court, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, and if funding permits, The Smithsonion Buildings and other Federal Buildings.
    If we’re lucky, the top of The Washington Monument will remain above water.

    The Downside Of this Plan, of course, is that many of the Southern Red States are also Coastal, and in addition more vulnerable to Hurricanes and Oil Spills.
    Florida, for example, will revert to a Living Coral Reef.
    If we’re lucky, the top of Cinderella’s Castle will remain above water.

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  3. I was going to mention that removing the state and local tax deductions was intended to stick it to the Blue State Democrats, but fellow Marylander randumbthoughts beat me to it. Greenbelt is currently 157′ above sea level; I hope that’s enough.

    I appreciate Clay Jones for his efforts seven days a week. There are plenty of websites that have no new content on weekends or three days a week or whatever, but I can come here every day for a new serving of well-considered and often amusing commentary on recent events, however horrifying or ridiculous those events have been. So thank you, Clay, and long may you wave!

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  4. At least cheney/bush pretended to give ‘mer’cans a reason for stealing their tax dollars by starting a war so that eventually those tax dollars would go into war-profiteer DICK cheney’s bank account and the bank accounts of the cheney/bush cronies.
    trump and his kleptocrats just came right out and stole your tax dollars and gave them to the rich and the republicans called them “tax cuts”. Again the republicans fooled the goper voters with that line over a million times and the goper voters haven’t learned yet. duh!
    “Well I didn’t vote for him!”

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