Burn Your Notes


According to the dictionary, a cult is a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object and a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. It’s a cult of personality surrounding a leader. It’s less about policy and more about adoration. It’s also less about facts and members of a cult will deny reality, truth, and perceive any criticism of their leader as an attack. North Korea is an entire nation in a cult. In the United States, Trump defenders are now sycophants, and they are in denial of reality. Trump defenders are a cult.

A conservative cartooning colleague of mine posted on social media today, that it’s hard to be friends with liberals when they think you’re a racist or a member of a cult. My answer to him is, if you’re supporting Trump then you might be a racist, you’re definitely in a cult, and I don’t want to be your friend. No friend request has been sent. He can get over himself.

You have to surrender objectivity to support Trump and claim that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation and the newly reported FBI inquiry into whether Trump is acting to advance Russia’s interests and is a national security risk are all attacks by a “deep state.”

The fault for an investigation into Trump belongs to Trump. While sycophants ignore Trump’s actions that advance Russia’s interest, our justice system can not.

You can’t ignore that Trump called for Russia to hack into his opponent’s email.

You can’t ignore that Russians met with the Trump campaign in Trump Tower, their campaign headquarters. You can’t ignore that Trump issued a denial that was a lie about Russian adoptions. We initially thought the president wrote the denial for his son, Donald Trump Jr, but now we learn that Vladimir Putin may be the author. Hours before the denial was issued, Trump sat down with Putin, with only Russia’s interpreter present, and talked about, wait for it, Russian adoptions.

You can’t ignore that Trump has worked aggressively to dismantle NATO, which delights Russia. You can’t ignore that there are new reports that Trump discussed pulling the U.S. out of NATO, telling officials that he doesn’t see the point of the organization.

You can’t ignore that Trump thought Russia cooperating with our FBI to investigate Russian meddling into our election was a “generous offer,” and not more obstruction.

You can’t ignore that Trump spent over a year denying Russia meddled into our election and believed Putin’s denial over his own intelligence agencies. You can’t ignore that Trump refused to call out Putin at their Helsinki summit, or at any point in his presidency.

You can’t ignore that Trump said he fired Comey to get rid of the Russia investigation, and bragged about it to Russians in the Oval Office, with only the Russian media present.

You can’t ignore that when Trump met with Putin in Helsinki, no American aides were present, which is highly unusual for an American president. It’s unusual as in; no president has ever done that.

Now, we have something else we can’t ignore. After Trump’s visit with Putin in Hamburg at the 2017 G20, Trump tried to conceal his talks with Putin from even the senior-most members of his administration, and even reportedly seized the interpreter’s notes after one of his meetings. The second time he met with Putin in Hamburg was unscheduled without any Americans present, which is where he claims they talked about Russian adoptions.

This brings us back to other huge facts we can’t ignore. Trump offered Putin a free penthouse suite in his Trump Tower project, which never came to fruition (and by keeping it hidden, gave Putin leverage on him). Trump’s largest lender is Deutsche Bank, which many believe is financed by Russia. And finally, Russia meddled in the election to elect Donald Trump.

While talking to one of his favorite sycophants on Trump TV, er, Fox News, Trump said being asked if he was working for Russia is the most insulting question ever, without answering the question. He later did answer with an angry denial. But he also denied knowing about paying off porn stars and a host of other things in the past that later turned out to be true.

Trump is a liar and a traitor. He has worked actively to advance the interests of Russia and Vladimir Putin. The only thing we’re not entirely sure of is if he’s a useful idiot or a willful idiot.

If you still support Donald Trump and defend him, I have to ask what kind of idiot are you?

Be Complicit

What kind of person would want to be part of something that disparages, slanders, and disrespects Dear Leader and his sycophantic followers? Hopefully, you. 
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    1. Actually, 45*’s Friends are NOT Ignoring anything.
      They are Fully Aware of Everything that 45* does, and they Eagerly Support and Approve Of Everything that 45* does, because they Believe that Everything that 45* does is in their Own Personal Best Interest. (You Know, Treason, Racism, Corruption, etc).


  1. What I don’t understand is that all of that, the way trump was acting about putin and the russians, was shown over the last 2 years and the media is only now connecting the dots? wtf?

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