The word Donald Trump hates hearing the most is “no.” He especially hates hearing it from women, whether it’s, “No, you can’t barge into that teenage girls’ dressing room,” or from a female Speaker of the House saying, “No, you can’t have money for a racist, medieval vanity project.”

During the last session of negotiations with Democrats earlier this week, Donald Trump got up from the table and left the room after Nancy Pelosi told him no. He asked if he ended the shutdown now if he’d get his wall afterward. After not getting the answer he wanted, he reportedly slammed his fist on the table and stormed out. Trump had a temper tantrum.

Yesterday, Trump visited the border with Mexico in Texas. It was what he described to reporters earlier in the week as a “waste of time” and a photo opportunity. He said it wouldn’t do any good, but he was going anyway.

Speaking of a waste, those steel slats Trump has been boasting about can be hacked through with a typical saw you can purchase at Home Depot, or perhaps the ones Fisher Price makes. In a test by the Department of Homeland Security, military and Border Patrol experts were instructed to attempt to destroy the barriers with common tools. They succeeded.

While in McAllen, Texas, Trump sat at a table with border agents and victims of crimes, a display of methamphetamine and heroin, an AK-47 and an AR-15 rifle, and a trash bag stuffed with $362,062 in cash that had been confiscated by law enforcement officials. Trump claimed the display was evidence of a crisis as it had all been apprehended recently. The facts are actually quite different.

Trump said, “They didn’t have to go very far. This is all very recent.” However, the display of drugs, weapons, and cash was mainly the product of law enforcement actions stopping criminals at international bridges, where most drugs are smuggled, and conventional ports of entry. A wall, even one of steel slats wouldn’t have prevented the drugs and weapons from crossing the border. Even if they had crossed where there weren’t official entry points, border agents and their methods caught it, not a wall. Wouldn’t the evidence prove agents are doing a great job and a wall isn’t necessary?

In a place where a wall is already in place, law enforcement officials boasted of apprehending criminals who had built a tunnel. The money was taken from a suspect who had overstayed a visa. Who knew walls didn’t stop tunnels or people from overstaying their visas?

People who support the wall talk about how dangerous it is in Texas because of illegal immigrants. The fact is crime is at a 30-year low in McAllen, which is on the border.

Last year, more people who are the terrorist watch list were stopped at the Canadian border than the one with Mexico. This “crisis” is about race. It’s about brown people. In case you haven’t noticed, the only immigrants Republicans and Trump sycophants are fearmongering about are brown. Most drugs enter through ports of entry and most who are here illegally are those who have overstayed visas. Illegal border crossings have been going down steadily over the past decade. A wall is not the solution to a crisis that doesn’t exist.

Nancy Pelosi needs to keep telling Trump “no.” The wall is a waste, probably impossible logistically, and its blatant racism. “Build the wall” started as a memory trick to remind a dumbass at rallies to talk about immigration. The trick that worked on a stupid candidate now works on morons whose opinions on policy are created from racist rally chants. They’ve all forgotten the promise that Mexico was going to pay for the wall.

If you are one of the morons who support the Trump shutdown and you’re not a government employee, you need to hang on to your paycheck, don’t cash or deposit it, until federal workers are paid. If you can repeat the chant then you can share their pain. Right?

Pelosi and Democrats need to keep telling Trump “no.” When he asks again, repeat the answer. When he has a temper tantrum, say it again. When he lies to everyone about it and cast Democrats as the villains, say it again. No. No. No. No. Make him hear it in his sleep. No.

Is Donald Trump qualified to lead this nation? No. Is there a crisis? No. Will a wall work? No. Does Trump care about government workers missing their paychecks today? No.

Is Trump making America great again? Hell no.

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